Gainako’s Entertainment Guru Host Fundraising Gala for the PPP


Often young Gambian talents among us are overlooked and not given the opportunity to explore their talent to the fullest potentials. Some are genius in the field of education, entrepreneurship, leadership, entertainment among other areas. When given the full opportunity and supported such talent can stand out and make incredible contribution to society.

Gainako’s Ahmed Gitteh host of AL NGAA TAA program on the weekends is one of those gifted young men whose talent is yet to be fully realized. Mr. Gitteh a young Gambian just entering his prime time hails from an incredible family of multi talent with the highest integrity and religious background. Ahmed’s oratory and knowledge both in the Quran and his native language is second to none. He has the ability to attract people through personal connection and entertainment.. His fans love him to death and with the little time he spent on the air first working at Faturadio and now at Gainako, Ahmed has become the darling of the Diaspora through entertainment and religious counseling. “Whoever taught him gave him everything” said a new fan of Gainako.  When Ahmed takes the mike he immediately lights up the room and send chills through the spines of his listeners. He knows how to mix pleasure with clear message of love, compassion and duty to country. He says it as it is with moral conviction and confidence.

Ahmed will be hosting a fundraising Gala Dinner for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP); the political party that led Gambia to Independence. The fundraising Dinner will be held in the United States Capital Washington DC on Saturday February 27th, 2016. The event is geared towards raising funds for the Party’s invaluable political efforts to restore Democracy and rule of law in the Gambia.  Ahmed along with Gambian veteran journalist Tijan Masanneh Ceesay will be hosting the gathering in DC. Ahmed, though young, he has the intellectual gift to arose any crowd into given spirit… He single handedly help GDF raised several thousand dollars and was literally a money machine with his fans contributing in large numbers. Not every radio host has the ability to motivate his or her fans to give so generously. Gitteh simply builds an exceptional connection and love with thousands of his listeners. His audience are not only limited to adults but even young kids forcing their parents to call his show to request their favorable songs. If you missed his Alen Ngaa Taa Show on Saturdays and his Friday Sermons on Gainako Radio you are missing out!

Ahmed’s message resonates with young and older folks and he is able to connect with his audience at an exceptional level.   A classic example of his powerful message was his you tube video to Gambian youths on the need to obtain their voters’ cards for the upcoming elections. Anybody who listens to that video will agree that his message is exceptionally powerful. His Friday sermons highlights the power of various faiths and how they are interwoven.  Another incredibly powerful sermon Gitteh issued was one he titled Menketta (Click for soundcloud audio) translation in mandinka to mean “what happened’. This is one of the most powerful messages Gitteh has out there.

The PPP Gala Dinner is set to open their doors at 5:30pm at 1700 April Lane, Silver Spring Maryland, 20904. Tickets at the door are $50 an individual and $80 for couples. All residents of the great Maryland area are urge to grace the occasion to not only support the PPP for to see first hand Gainako’s young Talent – Ahmed Gitteh. You may have heard about him but it is now an opportunity to meet him and see him on stage. The PPP party’s resurrection could be just what Gambians needed to push the incompetent APRC out… Remember this was the political party that led the Gambia to independence and so far the only party with governing experience… Their interim leader the fire brand politician OJ Jallow has demonstrated what is needed to dislodge a cowardly dictator who preys on the weakness of citizens. OJ’s overall goal is to help dislodge Yahya Jammeh through a coalition of all political parties. You are therefore urged to grace the occasion and contribute generously.. .It will be a blast night and don’t miss it.


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