Former APRC Junta leader Yankuba Touray marches out of TRRC Hall

By Adama Makasuba
After hours of refusal to testify,  Yankuba Touray finally marched out of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) hall mid way through his testimony.
The former second Lieutenant, Yankuba Touray has been adversely mentioned by several witnesses before the TRRC. Earlier this month, party leaders of the United Democratic Party (UDP) accused Yankuba Touray of leading an attack on UDP party members at Denton Bridge in 1996.
However, the former Minister of local government caused chaos this morning for over an hour. The incident commenced when Mr Touray arrived at the hall after agreeing to testify. At the first opportunity, he denied taking the oath retorting that he is under ‘constitutional immunity’.
The Commissioner gave Mr Touray another chance which he obliged to on the second opportunity. Even under oath Mr Touray commenced his testimony by saying “I do not recognize the legitimacy of this Commission when I have Constitutional Immunity”.
He finally brought the process to a halt when he said “I am not going further you may also use your legal tools and then we all proceed and see, I am not speaking”.
In response he was warned repeatedly by lead Counsel Essa Faal that ” I will not enter into legal debate with you as to whether immunity applies… I would remind you that it is an offense under the laws of the Commission –TRRC Act failing to answer questions of the Commission.”
The die was cast when Mr Touray replied “I am not going to testify regarding that… I invoke my Constitutional immunity”.
Meanwhile, Mr Touray is likely to be arrested for refusing to complete his testimony.

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