Finding a simple solution to rehabilitation of Gambia’s police force – A rejoinder

You solicited raising funds for Police Equipment and station improvement. Perhaps it can be started without a large outlay of funds as outlined below.
Note: Many of the government offices have staff spending time and funds on internet chat options and assorted computer games, so we have added the removal of those features.
The fact is that governments and large companies scrap their old systems when upgrading built-in programs on new computers. It also provides for only Desktop units that are less likely to develop legs and travel!
The Min.of Foreign Affairs is in position to Querry those countries posting efforts to send back Gambians.
Praise for Demba Baldeh: POLICE REPORT


There must be efforts to create a database and or an electronic system where the police can document their cases and keep records of them regularly.

What is needed: 


Desktop computer sets (No Portable Laptops)

Backup UPS Power sets 

Police Stations:

Brusibi – Bijilo – Senegambia – Brufut – Sukuta – Manjai – Serrakunda – Bakau Kanifing –  Kairaba 

Programming: Local Networking System Installation

Gamtel Interface connection for all stations with main server at headquarters Banjul.

Basic Computer Training Program at each station – all personnel to have access. 

Note: removal of Unnecessary Programs (Card Games – Internet connections and WIFI)

Units Required: 

We have cited (10) stations – Each should have a Front Office unit for entering cases – Units in the OC office – CID – Operations Room

Estimate: 40 units.

This is not a Difficult Project for Foreign Affairs………. 

Equipment Sourcing: Countries arranging Return of Migrants.

They should be solicited to arrange Equipment from their government agencies and companies that are or have replaced their old equipment.

Submitted by:
COG – Civilan Oversight Group


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