Excerpts from Jammeh’s anti-Mandinka Hate Speech


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT


During The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh’s “Dialogue with the People Tour”, at a political rally in Talingding held on 3rd June 2016, he delivered his most controversial speech from 1994 to date. The entire 22 minute long speech can be heard on the SoundCloud link and YouTube video below. Jammeh’s very irresponsible speech – which has been condemned by the UN’s Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng  – was delivered mostly in Wollof [a local Gambian dialect]with Mandinka translations. Excerpts of Jammeh’s alarming speech against the Mandinka tribe which forms more than 40% of the Gambia’s population has been translated below in English. During the speech some statements can be clearly heard in English such as “I will wipe you out” and “welcome to hell”.


Since 1994 Until Now

Since 1994 until now those who continue to cause trouble in the country have been Mandinkas. Any Mandinka crazy enough to follow them I swear to Allah, not even a fly will see you. Anybody who dares to demonstrate go ahead and see what will happen. 1994 until now 98% of trouble makers have been Mandinkas, those embarking on illegal migration are Mandinkas. They claim to be telling people the truth, that’s between them and Allah. This country does not belong to Mandinkas but to all of us. Anybody who wants to create trouble I’ll remove you and let’s see what the west will say about it.

Mandikas are from Mali

Mandinkas return to the Almighty Allah and reaffirm your faith. You claim this is a Mandinka country, where is that written in history, I have irrefutable evidence to disprove that. In 1864 there were no Mandinkas in this country, you all came from Mali. You better behave, I will not allow foreigners to destroy this country. When you say Mandin that means you’re from Mali.

I will Wipe You Out – Fulas, Welcome to Hell

Since 1996 when we started politics they have been favouring Mandinkas. Saying to people we will kill this and that person and they have killed people. If they think that they can take over the country. “I will wipe you out and nothing will come out of it”. First demonstrations where all by Mandinkas, second demonstrations were all Mandinkas and two Fulas. Fula people you also want to join the group “welcome to hell”.

You Will Die Before Elections

Mandinkas you always say let’s stick with our own, to the extent that you belittle other tribes. You often hear Mandinkas say that small wollof, that small jola and that small fula. What do you think of yourself. Here we are all equal and no tribe bigger than any other tribe. If you want peace let’s all be one. Let me tell you something that I can swear by Allah. Any group who says they are against my leadership and that they are against the people’s servant. I swear to Allah that you will not see elections. Police will not catch you, army will not catch you, nobody will catch you, but you will all die one by one before elections.

Not Even a Fly Will Find You

I am not saying that all Mandinkas are bad but since 1994 all the trouble makers have been Mandinkas. If you don’t behave I will bury you 9 feet deep. Fulas who have been with APRC since 1994, Mandinkas have been saying to them if we change the government we will return you all to where you belong. If I wish I will say the same thing and deport all Mandinkas to Mali because they are all foreigners. Being an opposition and being a trouble maker is not the same thing. Any group who dares cause problems in this country I swear to Allah (swears 3 times). I will keep you somewhere that not even a fly will find you.

Mandinkas are Foreigners

Who are you to be saying that small Jola, that small Wollof, that small Manjago, you people should return to Allah. I swear to Allah that a Mandinka will never rule this country again. If that ever happens I will burn in hell. I am a Muslim and I ask for forgiveness but you have no authority to be saying that this country belongs to you. This is not a Mandinka country, you all come from Mali and I can deport you all back to where you came from. I have a map that shows all Mandinkas are foreigners. How can Mandinkas face someone older than their mother and father and say to them you small person. Allah does not want people to look down on each other and Muslims should not look down on people.

Allah Brought Me

For 31 years a Mandinka has been in power, what have they done? Mandinkas do not even like each other. Jawara was here for 31 years his worst opponents were Mandinkas, who are you? For 31 years the Wollof, the Jolas and other tribes were Jawara’s biggest supporters. If it were not for these people Jawara would not have won for a second time. Before Jawara’s tribalism, other tribes supported Jawara. A Mandinko, a hard line tribalist. Now Allah says you have enough you have not done anything for 30 years but take us backwards. Allah brought me you say you are not going to support me but if you cross my line you will never cross anybody’s line again.

I Will Send The Army

I will send the army and wipe you out I swear to Allah. What I have done in 21 years the British couldn’t do in 400 years, Jawara couldn’t do in 30 years. If I allow Donkeys and Vermins to ruin this country, just try it and see what will happen. What I have worked if anybody tries to ruin it they will see. Enough is enough this nonsense must stop, you are in the wrong country. Minister of Interior is here from 1998 almost all Gambians that have been deported are Mandinkas, and when they are deported they tell lies.

100 Years in Hell

I am not against immigration and people leaving the country but if you go abroad and tell lies about me your life will not be safe in Gambia. All those who have been deported from Austria are Mandinkas. I have been working for 21 years if anybody dares to ruin it I will give you 100 years in hell. I will never be a tribalist because I am a pure Muslim. I will never discriminate people based on their tribe but based on their bad habits, evil habits, I will not accept that, I am a Muslim. I swear to Allah I will never be a racist or a tribalist because if I do that then I must drink alcohol and eat pork, because then I will not worship the Almighty Allah. Allah created all of us from Adam and Eve, tribalism has no place in the Quran, hatred has no place in a Muslim community, violence has no place in The Gambia. Let me warn you, I will never, I swear to Allah I’m not a racist, I will not judge you by your colour or by your religion. Enough is enough, enough is enough, enough is enough. Salam – aleikum


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