Ex Gambian Army Officers Launch a New Movement (NRMG)



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National Resistance Movement of The Gambia (NRMG)

May it be known that we the patriotic citizens of the Republic of the Gambia, conscious of the plight of the Gambian people under the York of home–grown dictatorship, herewith declare our commitment of doing whatever it takes to defeat such a system. Following careful preparations, planning and consultations our efforts have culminated in the creation and establishment of what will henceforth be known as the National Resistance Movement of the Gambia (NRMG).

For nearly two decades the people of our dear country have been subjected to every kind of hardship including humiliation, banishment, bullying, torture, incarceration, kidnapping and death.  Consequently, the political landscape of the country has changed dramatically, qualifying it as one of the most repressive regimes in the world. The current APRC regime has only succeeded in destroying the peace and tranquility hitherto prevalent, qualities that once earned our minuscule nation the respect and envy of the world – thus the nickname “Smiling Coast of West Africa”.   

Crimes against the people of the Gambia under the delusional leadership of the self-anointed Professor and Doctor also extends to economic mismanagement in which the national coffers have ended up in private accounts of the dictator and his cronies.  It`s more than mere speculation that this once haggard and ragged ill-trained military officer has transformed himself into one of Africa`s richest men. He came with a promise of reducing corruption, but ended up perpetuating it; he entered with a purported determination to fight indiscipline but ends up living a flamboyant life; he preached equality but is now overtly nepotistic; he promised freedom but has now decided to enslave the people through force labor on his private farms most of which he had forcefully taken from their rightful owners.  

Let the world understand that The Gambia is a country under siege. Anyone living within jurisdiction of The Gambia is in an open prison, a country-size detention facility. People have disappeared and continue to do so without trace, the majority of whom have been brutally executed. A government that sponsors terror cannot be expected to defend and protect its citizenry. To this day the government of Yahya Jammeh has failed to successfully investigate a single incident of abduction or killing to the satisfaction of the general public, resulting in the erosion of public confidence in their government to do what is right – provide security for the people. This impasse must change, and quickly, if we desire to move on the path of freedom and progress.

The time for concrete action to liberate the country from the clutches of demonic misrule is now. Every passing month or year of this unfortunate state–of–affairs draws us deeper into the abyss of poverty, lawlessness, crime, drugs and immorality. It`s therefore our collective duty and responsibility to do whatever it takes to turn things around for the better. As a people the choice between life in dignity and respect and that of servitude and subservience cannot be clearer. This is the moment of action; any further delay could be expensive and fatal.

Against this back-drop the NRMG is prepared to take the lead in removing this illegitimate government from power by all means necessary. We urge partnership with all progressive forces in this struggle to achieve the ultimate objective, the removal of Jammeh the despot. Our aim is to restore democracy and the rule of law to the Gambia. To this end we herein extend invitation to all Gambians to help in liberating our land. As a group, we share in the philosophy a peaceful method of effecting change. That is the preferred option. At the same time we rule out no option should the political processes fail to yield the desired results.

Finally we wish to acknowledge the contributions of all players in this struggle especially the opposition parties inside the country for their gallantry.

It`s our pleasure therefore, to introduce the following appointments by the Movement:

  1. 1.       Secretary General                               Lt. Col. (Rtd)  Pa Modou Ann
  2. 2.       Deputy Secretary General & PR       Captain (Rtd) Alhajie Kanteh
  3. 3.       Liaison and coordination                   Mr. Lamin Jaiteh

The rest of the executive committee will be presented to the public in due course. God bless the Republic of The Gambia! God Bless the NRMG!

We thank you all for your kind attention.

 Alhajie Kanteh (Capt. Rtd)


Central committee NRMG   

Contact Information:  

E-Mail: nrmg14@gmail.com

Tel: 004915210439863                                                     


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