Editorial: Jammeh out of public vision during Christmas – a noticeable venture; Is a Political surprise in the making?



Jammeh1 Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has noticeably been absent in the public view since his return from  France. Contrary to many speculations that he has brain cancer, the President is reported to be  recovering from some minor procedures that were performed in his recent visit to France. Highly  placed sources has it that he may have a procedure done due to his diabetics and possibly to control his  insulin procedure.  Our confidential sources close to the State House confirmed that the President is  nursing some recovery and has been advice by his Doctors to rest during these holidays.

The story seems to have merit as President Jammeh loves Christmas holidays and has always been very visible during Christmas celebrations. He also uses the holidays to prepare for his New Year speeches messages to the country. The President’s unannounced sudden visit back to France after attending the summit also proves that he indeed had gone for a medical visit with his doctors. Contrary to reports that the President had a brain surgery as reported on other networks, medical experts dismiss the speculation with an explanation that no medical doctor will perform brain surgery on a patient and immediately put that patient in a flight for hours. They therefore suggest that he may just have had a minor procedure by his doctors.

Political Surprise in the making?

Gainako has also received high level reports that President Jammeh will likely shock his political opponents and the nation by coming out and granting clemency to high profile political prisoners like Amadou Sanneh of the UDP. Our source indicated that the surprise project is being spearheaded by the Vice President Dr. Njie – Saidy. It is a delicate and confidential project that is facing tough challenge in convincing the President to do this our source added.  President Jammeh is very hard headed and does not like to go against his own words thus he is reported to be seriously thinking about this suggestion to release some high profile prisoners.  However, the pressure is on as the Vice President and others are trying to convince the President that he has more to gain by releasing some of his opponents. They believe that this will erase a lot of the negative decisions; but they are afraid to put it blunt to the President that he made some serious blunders within the last several months.

Another close source indicated that the President had a rough year in 2013 with some regrettable decisions that he must work behind the scene with strategic decisions to upset those decisions. His confrontations by Gambians around the world also created some demoralizing status for the President which he has struggled to comprehend. Jammeh was reportedly embarrassed in front of his wife when they were confronted in New York. The wife was not too happy with the public humiliation inside sources indicated. Gambians are therefore up for awakening surprises from Jammeh more towards reconciliation and political leniency.


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