Editorial: Former SG Njogu Bah from State House to Mile II; who is next?









The former one time powerful man and errand boy for President Jammeh in the State House Dr. Njogu Bah who was head of the Civil Service and Minister of Presidential Affairs has been sentenced to two years in Jail with hard labor. Mr. Bah alongside former invincible Justice Minister Babadinding Jorbateh and arrogant Pa Harry Jammeh Solicitor General were accused of conspiring to fire and expel former acting Chief Justice Joseph Wowo who is currently standing trial for alleged abuse of office and conspiracy to commit corruption.

Dr. Bah along with his co-accused were being prosecuted at the Special Criminal Court presided over by Justice Nkea at the Banjul high Court. The sitting justice Nkea is currently being implicated in a corruption scandal which many believes could have barred him from further prosecuting this case. It is the same notorious Justice Nkea a Cameroonian married to a Nigerian citizen who yesterday sentenced one of Gambia’s finest citizens Amadou Sanneh and his co-accused to five years in Jail. The activists judge is believed to have personal vendetta against Justice Wowo, Njogu Bah and others.

It is all believed to be a case of serious internal fight that has been brewing between these corrupt officials willing to go to any length to please their boss. Mr. Bah and Pa Harry Jammeh in testifying in court indicated that they received orders from higher authority (in this case the President) to write a letter to fire Just Wowo and expel him out of the country with immediate effect. Unfortunately, both of these accused took the executive privilege bound by their oath of office and dare not mention the President by name for authorizing them in fear of being tortured or killed while in custody. They believe in their testimonies that if they seal the President they may get away from going to jail and even get their jobs back.

While very few Gambians are sympathetic to the sentencing of these three officials who blatantly displayed arrogance and protected the inner corruption and power abuse by President Jammeh, many describe it as a case of chickens coming home to roost. Some analyst indicated that the sentencing of these senior officials highlights a far more rotten governing system in Gambia than anybody can imagine. Systematically for Nineteen years since President Jammeh illegally seized power in the small West African State of the Gambia, he has used citizens decent or otherwise and dumped them like unwanted pieces of human Garbage.

This case among many further raise an intellectual question in many people’s minds on why many citizens have fallen victim to this rogue leader’s ploy to destroy and conquer. The jury on the question of integrity, honesty, faith and patriotism is still out in finding a serious answer to this question currently being asked in many corners around the world and Gambians’ minds. Is it greed, lace of patriotism, faith or simply the confusion of a citizenry who often underestimates the length to which President Jammeh is willing to go to establish his indomitable authority. Often many of these citizens who have a fairly decent background, experience and skills fall for Jammeh’s palatable offers without seriously using their intellect and common sense by simply looking back to what had happened to their predecessors. They suppress their gut feelings, deny the reality of an ugly ending hoping they can make a difference. One by one Gambians have fallen prey to Jammeh’s quest to be the sole authority who says be and it will happen. Momodou Sabally the new poster boy and Dr. Njie Saidy are certainly destined to such ugly ending.

Another sobering question that lingers in the minds of many thoughtful citizens who are cognizant of the history of dictatorship around the world is the notion that if one person continue to have problems with hundreds of people; then common sense dictates that the problem may reside with the leader who is getting rid of all no matter how faithful, hardworking and loyal they have been to him. This is the school of thought this paper belongs to like many people who believes that President Jammeh’s quest for all out control of State Machinery and desire to become one of the most powerful and richest people in the world is driving his policy of divide and conquer. It is therefore high time Gambians from every worth of life learn about the reality that currently exist in the Gambia. All citizens regardless of how close you are to President Jammeh, how private you are or how much silence you choose to be he will use you, implicate you and ensure that you have not only fallen but never again to get up and walk. The sooner Gambians comes to this reality the faster we can get rid of a brutal dictator who will crush anyone regardless of who you are. We hope that the lesson to the families of the likes of Njogu Bah will pray for forgiveness and those currently serving must equally pray that their love ones get out now before is too late. If you are dreaming to serve Jammeh we urge you to internalize your feelings and come to a reasonable conclusion knowing full well that the only exist from Jammeh’s is down fall.  It is a matter of time before Jammeh moves to the next line of victims.


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