Editorial: Blurring the line between the State and the President


imagesMixing up personality with the state is a dangerous Precedence. President Jammeh is completely mortgaging the Gambian State and Nation. Mixing up celebrations of the President’s birthday with unveiling of national projects and policies is absolutely dangerous and unprecedented. A nation is too big to be owned and operated by an individual. A State is too complicated to be personalized into a family affair! This is what is happening in Gambia..

The newly unveiled Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) duped as public corporation is the biggest scam on Gambian public assets. In fact we are not surprise that President Jammeh has decided to mask this company into a public utility company. Months ago we got report from a close reliable source that the President was about to launch a transportation company… another one of his numerous businesses financed by public funds… The announcement several months ago disbanding the highly successful Gambia public transportation Corporation (GPTC) one of the single institutional landmarks of the Jawara regime was the initial lunching of this new transportation corporation.  If President Jammeh was not interested in personalizing development in Gambia, common sense dictates that the GPTC could have easily been revived into the new project!

However, consistently President Jammeh has personalized Gambian public coffers and assets into his own personal giving and kind gesture duped as development goals… This President cum businessman is dangerously greedy and he amass as much wealth as possible hoping that the Gambian people will eventually loss sight of the line between what belongs to him and what belongs to the State. Numerous projects from the D85 Million housing project in Kanilai; the multi million dollar Hospital in Bundung, the numerous cameras and assets at GRTS, the numerous vehicles purchase on government coffers and donated to departments, the hundreds of tractors and milling machines, the luxurious hotels and houses that were seized on behalf of government and turned to Jammeh, the abundance of land taken from owners and turned the State and of course the 50 new transportation buses to be lunched soon all clearly financed by the Social Security Finance Administration (SSFA) supposedly belongs to Jammeh… the list goes on and on… You can now also observe that his wife (we don’t like to involve family) is getting more and more interested in what belongs to the State as mentally she has been made to believe that the Gambian state indeed belongs to Jammeh…

Gambia has reached a dangerous threshold where the State can no longer be separated from the President and his family. An absolute unprecedented territory that any civilize people and nation must think deep and reject outrightly. President Jammeh wants everything good about Gambia to be associated with him and his family. Everything bad to be the fault of his opponents and enemies of the state. Every historic land mark, project, that existed to be entirely associated with him and his government. Gambia, certainly has seen soldiers with a difference, accountability, transparency and probity… come to mean blurring the line between the state and the commander in chief… the urgency of documenting what belongs to the state and what is stolen from the state and personalized is ever more urgent. Accountability, transparency and probity must truly be restored in Gambia!


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