Ebrima Sanneh Escapes Ambush after leaving friend, ST’s house

Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

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According to Mr Sanneh, he left ST’s house after praying around 7:30 in the evening when a vehicle overtook him and blocked his car on the SeneGambia – Turntable highway. According to him 5 men jumped out of a packed vehicle shouting orders not to move. When the men tried opening the car door Mr Sanneh who was behind the wheels speed off with the pursuing car following behind them, said two witnesses.
According to Ebrima, he had given evidence at the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Investigative panel on 18th August 2020 with his friend ST. During his visit to the Commission he noticed that Commissioner Mboob was present. Also present at the NHRC were Security Officers who Mr Sanneh said made him feel insecure and uncomfortable throughout. Mr Sanneh had visited the NHRC on Monday and Tuesday to give evidence.
Later in the evening as Mr Sanneh left his friends house he noticed “a Mazda Ash colour” vehicle drive right in front of him and attempted to block his vehicle. All of a sudden 5 heavily built men wearing dark military-style jackets and masks approached his vehicle. As one of the men opened his driver seat door some men shouted orders, demanding Ebrima and his friend Jim should not move. Scared and frightened by what looked like kidnapping or an ambush he quickly sped off and escaped the scene.
According to Ebrima, he feels as though he is being followed because the vehicle didn’t follow him from the main road. He was adamant that the vehicle followed him from the neighbourhood he had just left. Ebrima says he was with his friend, Sutay Kujabi, commonly known as Jim in the same vehicle and ST was in his own vehicle following behind.
Commissioner of Anti Crime Unit, Gorgi Mboob

Commissioner of Anti Crime Unit, Gorgi Mboob

Jim and ST “Incident Happened on SeneGambia Highway”
According to Jim who was sat on the passenger front seat, a tinted vehicle overtook them and parked in front of them. Before the car came to a halt one of the men jumped out of the vehicle calling Ebrima Sanneh’s name and demanding that they should not move said, Jim.
As one of the assailants opened the car door Jim remembers instructing Ebrima to move the vehicle, which he [Ebrima Sanneh] did quickly to evade their attackers. Jim kept expressing how surreal the whole situation was and that he had never experienced anything like this before.
Speaking to Ebrima’s friend, rapper ST, he confirmed that the incident happened at the SeneGambia highway right before Kerr Serign Junction. It was a bit dark but they had just left his house and Ebrima was driving ahead. He noticed a vehicle overtaking and blocking Ebrima’s vehicle right on the highway. The men came out of their vehicle and tried to open Ebrima’s car. That’s when he noticed Ebrima’s car speed off.
At first, ST claimed he couldn’t understand what was happening and thought it was some random guys. However, he could see the pursuing vehicle chasing after Ebrima’s car after the strange blockage. That was when he realised that something wrong was happening. Eventually, the young men found a safe place to meet up and recount the incident which nobody could explain.
NHRC, Commissioners

NHRC, Commissioners

NHRC Witnesses Feel Targetted
The NHRC has been informed of this incident and has instructed for Ebrima and all witnesses to come forward and report the incident to the Commission. The fact that both Ebrima and ST gave evidence on the same day that this incident occurred cannot be a mere coincidence. When I spoke to NHRC Chairperson Emmanuel Joof about the incident he confirmed that Gorgi Mboob was present at the NHRC on Tuesday 18th August to give evidence and an officer is part of the investigative panel.
We are therefore compelled to remind the NHRC of their duty to protect witnesses and alleged victims of Human Rights violations. The NHRC have complained that people have not been reporting Human Rights abuses to the Commission. However, incidents like these only seek to justify people’s reasons for refusing to report human rights violations. If such incidents are not addressed urgently they could make the NHRC’s work extremely difficult as more witnesses may feel threatened to report human rights violations and testify as witnesses.
Mr Sanneh says he feels targetted and no longer feels safe to go home as he feels he is being followed. The other two young men Jim and ST also feel traumatised by the incident and are equally concerned that this could affect their safety and livelihood.
Ebrima Sanneh after alleged torture by Commissioner Gorgi Mboob

Ebrima Sanneh after alleged torture by Commissioner Gorgi Mboob

Follow the Ebrima Sanneh Investigation

Below are four articles published on the Ebrima Sanneh incident which begun in the early hours of Friday 24th July 2020. The first article on the allegations of Human Rights violations by Ebrima Sanneh who alleged that Anti Crim Unit Commissioner Gorgi Mboob tortured him in the genitals.

Gorgi Mboob accused of attacking Ebrima Sanneh in his genitals

ACU Commissioner Gorgi Mboob was given an opportunity to respond to allegations that he attacked Ebrima Sanneh in his genitals when he hit him with a hoe, a farming instrument. He vehemently denies that he tortured Ebrima, however, he did not deny forcing the detainees to do farming work in the premises of the ACU in Bijilo. A statement from the NHRC denouncing Police Brutality was also issued.

Face to Face with Gorgi Mboob – Did he Torture Ebrima Sanneh in his Genitals?

Eventually, Ebrima Sanneh was compelled to write a statement thanking Gambians for the support he has received and most importantly calling on the Police to retract their statement denying Ebrima’s torture.

Ebrima Sanneh calls on Police to retract statement amid Gorgi Mboob Torture Allegations

An in-depth report was published featuring the Inspector General of Police, Ebrima Sanneh and Gorgi Mboob. The article discusses Ebrima Sanneh’s medical report which was seized by the Police who took possession of his medical report without his permission.

NHRC & GBA recuse themselves from Police investigation on Ebrima’s Gorgi Mboob Torture Allegations


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