Door-to-Door Witch Hunting in Foni Kamfenda




By Gainako’s Roving Reporter

Reliable sources reaching Gainako at this hour reveal that the Witch Hunters are on the spree, going door to door in Kamfenda (Foni) in an attempt to arrest Citizens in the name of witchcraft.

Our reporter spoke with many on the ground to see how things are going. One source that reached out to Gainako noted that the Witch hunters are still going door to door in Kamfenda from where they will be heading to other places. Meanwhile this reporter couldn’t ascertain if the soldier that was diagnosed of witch craft at Sulayman James Junkung Hospital in Bwiam is dead or alive but it is rife that he passed which Jammeh is using to go after innocent citizens in the name of witchcraft.

Another source said that Jammeh takes it from 2009 when his paternal aunt passed, which resulted him blaming it on witchcraft, the aftermath of which followed mass abductions of citizens who were poisoned with the locally poisonous herb, “Kubehjara” which was administered to the victims in high concentrations resulting to death, stomach complications, and lasting sicknesses. Another source added that, “We are monitoring their movements and we will keep you updated.” Another source said, “We have asked our family members to stay put and any soldier or witch hunter that steps foot here, will be countered.”  Another source added, “Some are considering leaving Foni to Kombo for fear of reprisal by the witch hunters. Others close to the border left for neighboring Cassamance.”

Citizens can recall a camp was opened in Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai in 2009 where thousands of abductees were kidnapped and forced to drink ‘kubehjara’ by witch doctors from Mali and Guinea. The said witch doctors raped some women, stole their personal items like money and cell phones, and even forced them to ritual dancing in open space. Many villages were victimized, the height of the madness in Jambur, Makumbayaa, Barra, Sintet, Bwiam, and many others. Lots of lives were lost, others to date are faced with serious stomach complications, and many others fled the Gambia to neighboring Cassamance to avoid these abductions. To be noted that a lot of those that resisted were arrested and tried, the case for Jambur, and even one time Presidential contestant, Halifa Sallah.

Our Roving reporter contacted Foroyaa’s office to alert Halifa Sallah and was told Sallah won’t be in till around 1pm GMT. The Roving reporter reached out to some other opposition members who said they will be taking action on this by exposing Jammeh’s Government to stop the nonsense.

Jammeh is a believer of idols and witch craft. Recently during his meet the Farmers Tour in Foni, he ridiculed residents of Foni at his Kalagi meeting that he killed some witches and wizards in 2009 and will cleanse the area of witches again. The provocation didn’t go well with residents. They are calling on human rights activists, concerned citizens and the international community to act on their behalf, failure of which they will be subjected to the same treatment of 2009.

The whole issue of witchcraft is nonsense. In today’s day and age, the world is at a different level of civilization. Jammeh and his criminal thugs are caught red-handed and they will be exposed on their cupboard skeletal nibs. There is no iota of truth in Jammeh’s baseless accusation of innocent citizens on witchcraft. The crusade for liberation of the Gambia from the fetish nonsense has just begun and the nonsense will be nib to the bud by all means necessary. Citizens will not get tired, will not waiver, and will not be intimidated. Jammeh’s criminality and hypocrisy has reached climax, and a peoples’ uprising is way overdue. Citizens are all duly informed to standby and be ready to take action to any of the aggressors. No retreat, no surrender!  


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