Cousin of Expelled MIS Student Explains “Other Side of the Story”


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

There’s always another side to a story just like there are two sides to a coin. On Gainako Online Newspaper we welcome divergent views. On Wednesday I received a comment from the cousin of an expelled MIS Student on my article titled “MIS High School scheduled to resume today with Headmaster on bail”.

Kebba Sillah wrote to say “I have been reading your article regarding my cousin on the marina school incident. From my observation, it seems as if you are only interested in the headmaster’s version of events NOT bothering to cross check with the child’s mother. Nothing to fuss about that as I’ve come across your type when reading articles. I’m not going to dwell too much on this issue but it would be of the public (readers) interest to share the other version of events.”

Mr Kebba Sillah went on to explain that “in your closing remarks you [Yusef Taylor aka Flex Dan] quoted:

“System Breakdown

Speaking to the Headmaster who’s admittedly new to The Gambian system, Gainako’s Flex Dan explained that ‘it’s a system breakdown we have in The Gambia where the elite feel that they are in cajole with the system, the authorities they have the legal entities who they are close to and they can go and seek injunctions without bringing the school to attention to be able to attend that case and defend themselves in court.

Instead of the security apparatus arresting the parents for allowing underage driving they have turned around and decided to execute the court order for the injunction. It’s a system breakdown which we have in The Gambia.” ~ Yusef Taylor, Flex Dan

Kebba Sillah continued to elaborate, armed with the above quotation as his justification, he explained “REALLY. THIS ALONE SHOWS YOUR BIAS REPORTING and if you need further assistance in getting the other version of events, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Oh by the way are you [Yusef Taylor aka Flex Dan] in some way related to the headmaster or share anything in common?”

Yusef Taylor aka Flex Dan “I would like to thank Mr. Kebba Sillah for his willingness to bring the other side of the story below is some more additional information from him on the expulsion of his cousin. To set the record straight, I am not related to the Headmaster of Marina International School. However, we both have a common interest which is the safety of all students that attend Marina School. Below is Kebba Sillah’s unchanged version of the other side of the story.”

Kebba Sillah “As this matter is before the court, I won’t dwell too much but for the benefit of balanced reporting, the correspondence that transpired would be very interesting for your readers. This is the first letter [seen below]sent to the child’s mother without any invitation to discuss the “gravity “ of the alleged incident. In other words, the child nor the mother was availed the opportunity to be heard.”

1st Suspension Notice

Kebba Sillah “The second letter that followed was an expulsion letter without the appeal process taking its course.”

Expulsion Letter

Kebba Sillah “The mother of the child resorted to writing a letter to the school with her demands after careful investigation by herself (NOT GOING ELABORATE HOW THAT WAS DONE). Not only has she done her investigation but also met with the school authorities but to no avail.”
Kebba Sillah “What followed was the school rejecting her demands(if I’m right without the headmaster discussing the matter with the board nor education department…to my knowledge). As a Law abiding citizen the mother had no other option but to take the matter Legally.”
Kebba Sillah “The blogger (Yusef Taylor) suggested that “The parents of the child should have been arrested instead etc. Yusef also mentioned that the “Ghanian British” headmaster is not familiar with the Gambian system which I disagree. I disagreed cos the “Ghanian British “is from Ghana and he ought to know better when it comes to a Court Order with his position as a headmaster. The simple fact is that a Court Order is not a joke unless he is there to belittle our beloved country’s judicial system.

Court Ruling

Kebba Sillah “I will stop here for now for the readers to digest this update with the few additional correspondence and let the law take its course.”

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