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Before I go any further, I would like to address three things here first. 1. I would like to quote something from my last conversation with Sam Sarr. “Sam, you can write in series and publish all you want, but that doesn’t change your dishonesty and lies. It is glaring in everything you write. You should do yourself a favor and stop writing! You incriminate and further embarrass yourself every time you do. Your lies don’t hold your pieces very well, they are full of cracks”. I guess Sam never took heed to my advice because he is at it again. 2. I’m not sure why Sam’s piece about Dr. Isatou Touray is so long when he is only telling a few lies. But then again, liars tend to get lost in their own web of lies and end up in the Amazon Jungle. Google maps is showing Sam Sarr as being somewhere in the middle of the Amazon in his piece; and I bet he never even realized that he was there. Yes, getting lost in your own web of lies will do that. 3. Sam Sarr is in no position to give advice to anyone given his inferior moral compass, let alone offer unsolicited advice to Dr. Isatou Touray. Unless, it is advice on how to be a better liar, and I don’t think she is interest in that.

I find Sam Sarr to be without even a remote sense of honor or courage, and these traits seem to be irrevocably impregnated in his spirit, and he has proven this time and time again. I honestly don’t think Sam Sarr even has enough sense to be embarrassed about it. That is the saddest part in all this.

Now let’s move on to the conversation. Bisimilah!

Sam: The little I know about you other than being a doctorate degree holder-have no clue on which discipline anyway-is your longtime devotion in actively campaigning to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the Gambia which I think His Excellency President Jammeh in 2015 helped accelerate your Non-Government Organization’s (NGO’s) efforts to fulfill that objective by totally banning the practice in the country.

Me: Sam, when you don’t know, you do your research, it is that simple. I’m sure a quick google search would have helped you if you were interested in knowing which discipline Dr. Isatou Touray has her doctorate degree in. But that is not what you are interested in; you were just trying to be condescending. And yes, you are right, you have no clue! Her longtime devotion in actively campaigning to eradicate FGM speaks for itself, and neither you nor Jammeh can change that. Jammeh did not accelerate her NGO’s efforts by totally banning the practice in the country out of kindness or concern, he did so to steal the show and get all the credit. Mind you, this was after his failed attempt to bring bogus charges against her. Nyapinkang rek!

Sam: Realizing such a commendable goal, is what I think should have soon after delineated your next undertaking on the issue, factoring the vast experience and knowledge you supposedly acquired over the year from the campaign; in fact, I would have even advocated expanding the campaign beyond Gambia’s borders, into other parts of Africa where governments sincerely need the applicable expertise to persuade their indigenous populations into permanently discarding the primitive practice. You could have also written an enlightening book about it or combine your efforts with that of the young dynamic Gambian in the US Jaha Dukureh who started the same campaign in her own small way but now morphed it into a global spectacle.

Me: Sam, your attempt to minimize Dr. Touray’s work in her area of expertise is a clear indication of your wrecked soul. And please don’t talk about writing a book, we all know what happened in your last book, it was saturated with lies. Writing is about honesty, and you should stay away from it! You tried to minimize Dr. Touray’s work and expertise and then gave her advice to write an enlighten book in the same breathe? Really! Speaking of “global spectacle”, you have morphed into a “global spectacle of a liar”.

Sam: I think you could have equally shared your personal involvement Doctor, as a circumcised woman and that of everybody you have interacted with over the years, willing to share their experience in a book marketable with the help of international or humanitarian organizations, governments and book distributors all over the world. It could have been one of its kind and would have probably required you to be traveling around the world explaining the content of the book in schools, in communities to governments and of course women organizations. But instead, you got completely derailed from your longtime passion and got sucked into a political gamble that already appear to catch you flatfooted.

Me: Sam, who gave you permission to think? What do you know about being a “circumcised woman” to give Dr. Touray suggestions? I thought I just told you not to talk about writing books earlier? Dr. Touray is doing what she is interested in, and that’s trying to save Gambia from tyranny and bedbugs like you. So who are you to suggest otherwise to her? If in fact Dr. Touray got derailed and caught flatfooted in a political gamble, then why waste your time and energy writing a protracted nonsensical piece about her?

Sam: Of course, I believe you were coerced into this risky political escapade when you came to the USA a couple of months ago on the invitation of a so-called human rights organization, composed of mainly hardline Gambian dissidents wishing nothing virtuous to the Gambia. You should have been wary of such invitation when you realized that it had nothing to do with your course concerning women’s rights or FGM.

Me: Sam, the only person on a risky escapade here is you! After lying about Jammeh in your book, he coerced you into a “jaybalu” after naming you “the liar of the century”. You should have been wary of such “jaybalu” because you day with Jammeh is coming.

Sam: As a PhD holder I was disappointed with you for not knowing better. You may not care about the truth but for your information, President Jammeh was the first and only head of state in the whole wide world who during the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September 2014, raised the alarming predicament of African migrants in particular dying on the shorelines of Europe in their effort to rightfully cross into that continent. He had in that speech pointed to the delegates how the west had exploited and destabilized the entire world since the dawn of history, by fermenting and waging wars that the UN now agree has hugely contributed in forcibly displacing roughly 65 million people in the world including 21 million refugees, 3 million asylum-seekers and over 40 million internally displaced persons. How a levelheaded PhD holder could subscribe to the dumb allegation that few migrant Gambians in that colossal figure is hinged on bad political policies in the Gambia is utterly mindboggling.

Me: Sam, you should be disappointed in yourself more than anyone else. If there is a mirror close by, I suggest you look into it and tell me what you see. You have degenerated into “the liar of the century” according to your own boss, Jammeh. Every dime Gambian has spent in educating you has gone to waste. It would have been better spent cleaning the gutters of Banjul or fixing a few potholes (aka road cavity) we have all over our flimsy roads. So President Jammeh was the first and only head of state in the whole wide world who during the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, right? But what has he don’t to curtail the problem in The Gambia? All talk no action for him? I will give you a fraction of a credit thought for referring to Dr. Touray as levelheaded, something that cannot be said about you, not even in a million years.

Sam: But all of a sudden they found in you the political saint or savior that they think could defeat President Jammeh through peace or violence. Mark you, whichever path you may choose to adopt, I only would warn you to be mindful of engaging in activities posing a threat to the country’s national security. Because with every political game President Jammeh may tolerate, any activity intended to compromise the national security of the country is nothing he will condone.

Me: Sam yow werr nga? I understand that you are now obligated to ‘kufang” after your ‘jaybalu” and recent award, but your idle threats need to stop. It is public knowledge that you are a coward, and by your own admission too. So please cut the crap! If I catch you making threats again, I will simulate the sound of a gunshot in the air and watch you scream “woy suma ndey, dumako deffati!” I have the perfect toy gun for it too. Like I told you in our last conversation, don’t talk about national security. It is because foolish senior officers like yourself Gambia is sinking today; yet you have the audacity to insult and chastise Dr. Touray for seeing the need to rescue the country.

In conclusion, I hereby prescribe two tablespoons of “kubayjara” a day for you until you get your senses back. In the meantime, I will be on the lookout for your next nonsensical piece. I have the energy and can always find the time. Conversation by force rek! Now, if you write a piece and hide it under your bed, then nothing I can do about that; but as long as you put it out there, we will have another conversation. This one is just “part 2”, we can go all the way to “part 100” nak! Your choice. In your interview with Bantaba on April 7, 2015, you told them that you have changed for the better, but that too was a fat lie. The truth is, you have changed for the worst. Once a liar always a liar!

By Momodou Ndow


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