Breaking News: One of Jammeh’s Assaulting agents taken for Questioning by DC Police



News is still breaking that one of Jammeh’s thugs who assaulted Journalist Fatou Camara and Ousainou Mbemga has been taken for questioning by the DC police. The security officer in question has been named as Pierre Minteh who is reportedly being questioned by DC police on the assault on innocent civilian and a Journalist with press credentials. It is a violation of the United States law and a felony for anybody to attack and harm an innocent citizen particularly a woman and a journalist.

Gambian activists still camping outside of Jammeh’s hotel in Washington DC are pressuring the police on why they stood by and allowed the open assault? The protesters insisted that the police must question and or bring charges to these thugs who were out to harm an innocent demonstrator with a permit to demonstrate. They openly told the police that the assault is a classic example of what the Gambian people are going through for the last two decades. “They cannot abuse innocent people in Gambia and come to the United States to export their terror on citizens” said one protester. Another protester said to the police to “imagine what will happen to these people if they were protesting in Gambia”?

The police who have heard a doze of information on what Jammeh and his thugs are doing to Gambians were an eye witness to the assault. They are reportedly not taking this lightly and are likely to press charges against the officer(s).

Meanwhile, Fatou Camara and Ousainou Mbemga have received treatment by Doctors at the Sibley Hospital emergency room in DC.  Fatou was treated for possible concussion and bruises on the eyes and legs. Mr. Mbemga was also treated for injury to his left eye and cuts to his hand. Both are being discharged and asked to report to the hospital within three days for follow up. They were also asked if they want to press separate charges on the officers to which they answered in the positive. Charges must be filed before the culprits leave the country who are scheduled to travel with Jammeh back to Gambia tomorrow Thursday August 7th.

Activists on the ground are also exploring other options of putting political pressure on the appropriate authorities to take more drastic action against Jammeh’s attempt to export his terror to the United States. Protesters are also contemplating taking up challenges with the Hotel Management who had allowed a dictator with blood on his hands to lodge at their hotel. At the very least activists could stage a protest against the Hotel which might bring more negative attention to the hotel. This would be counterproductive and damaging to the reputation of the Hay Adams hotel chains known for their reputable hospitality. This is a developing story and we will bring you more updates as we get more information. Stay tuned


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