Councillor Aziz Dabakh Gaye “Banjul Will Rise Again” Box Bar Victory Call


Press Release

The Aziz Dabah Gaye Campaign Team would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed financially, in kind or by giving their valuable time to help Aziz get elected. We are particularly thankful to the electorate of Box Bar Ward as a whole, as well as every single candidate who participated in this historic Council Elections. Democratic elections are not about winners and losers, rather they are about consensus-building, and joining hands immediately afterwards to work together to address the needs and aspirations of our community: the election itself is merely a single part of this process.

Now that the elections are concluded and the people have spoken, we would like to invite ALL residents of our dearly loved Box Bar Ward to come together and solidly contribute their quota in the immense task that lies ahead, no matter who you voted for.

Our campaign was made up of Banjulians from every segment of society, all setting aside whatever differences they had for a common vision. The interactions and exchanges we had with other campaign teams and candidates were also purely about our competing political platforms, and nothing else. You will agree with us that this is neither accidental nor is it unusual. We know that Banjul has always been a place where the links between residents are forged from being WAA Banjul, rather than from ethnicity, religion or political affiliation. This fills us with great hope for the future of our beloved city, and gives us confidence that the electorate is cohesive and consistent in its determination to develop and transform Banjul into the capital city of hope and pride.

In conclusion we would like to thank and commend the IEC for running a free and transparent local government election, leading to a level of engagement and excitement that we have rarely seen before.

What led us here – what led Aziz to run and so many to participate so selflessly in his campaign – was a dream: one of a better Banjul, a gem among cities, one worthy of its long storied history and character. And now a new day has broken, and we have woken from our slumber, fully equipped with the capacity to make our dream a reality. Let us work hand in hand now with the tools we have to make Banjul the city it truly deserves to be. We congratulate you all and reiterate once again that in unity lies our strength.

#BanjulWillRiseAgain ✊?


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