Atlanta Father’s Day Weekend Celebrations


ACTUAL FATHER's DAY 2013 FLYERNow that the 2013 Mother’s Day Weekend activities have passed and categorized by many as a huge success held on behalf of the Gambian women highlighted with the “Mother Of the Year” award presented to the lovely Mrs. Sainabou Jobe Jabang, GFAA is once again on the verge of presenting to the Atlanta community it’s fifth annual and second biggest summer program known as the FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND.

The women are once again ready to reciprocate and show their men how appreciative they were for the Mother’s day events held on their behalf.   As Atlanta is getting ready to celebrate the Father’s Day Weekend, GFAA-

would like to inform the Senegambian community in Atlanta that the annual PICNIC venue  has been moved  back to its original venue at Fairburn Road.

The Sunday  picnic will  be held on Sunday, June 16, 2013 @ the  usual Ben Hill Recreation Center located at 365 Fairburn Road, Atlanta, Georgia.

The programs for the weekend are slated to start with a soccer tournament between Senegal and The Gambia on Saturday June 15, 2013 at the YMCA Soccer Field –

2565 Snap finger Road, Decatur 30034.  We therefore kindly ask that you come in numbers and support your team.

Then on Sunday June 16 , 2013, we will once again go to the Ben Hill Recreation Center to witness the women’s determination to show their appreciation and commitment in style.

For the fourth time in the history of the activities under the auspices of The Gambia Families Association, we will be presenting the unique and prestigious award known as “Atlanta Father of the Year”  to one of Atlanta’s men.

As we strive to solidify unity , togetherness and above all the importance of the Gambian family in the Diaspora, GFAA is also asking every one to come mingle with fellow Gambians  and continue to promote the love, friendship and  camaraderie we are known for.  As usual, please bring the family along for an enjoyable weekend.

We kindly ask that all Gambians  living in the Atlanta area please lend a helping hand to make this a successful event by donating and participating in any way you deem appropriate, whether in the form of food, drinks, money or whatever one feels he or she can contribute.

So if you live in the Atlanta area or in the Diaspora,  whether you are young or old , you are hereby invited to celebrate the Father’s Day weekend activities with friends and family.

If you want to donate and have questions about the weekend programs, please contact  Dad Sanneh 404-805-9787, Ebou Jeng 404-304-9682 , Kara Ceesay  678-4310881,  Njogg Secka 678-428-3053 , Amie Coleh Sarr 678-773-7067 and  Amie Jagne Mboob 404-732-2772.


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