Armitage High/Senior Secondary School desperately pleads with her Children/Alumni to Restore Her Glory Days


Project: Restore Armitage Glory


Student dormitory building entrance with broken glass windows

Student dormitory with mosquito nets hanging on the ceiling..

Armitage high school has been the greatest educational institution in the Gambia since its founding in 1927. There is not a single institution in the Gambia that has so much impact on the lives, personal development and education of young men and women in Gambia. The tender ages of 14 through 18 are the most vulnerable time in the lives of young boys and girls. Yet these young men and women enter Armitage at this young age leaving their parents home. How the institution shapes the lives of these citizens to not only receive their education but grow up to become responsible and most dedicated citizens in the country is nothing less than remarkable.

Today, Armitage Alumni proudly are some of the most productive citizens in the Gambia and across the world. They lead some of the highest and most prestigious institutions in the nation and occupy similar positions across the globe. The school can boast of producing global citizens who become Professors; Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, lawyers, Diplomats, Nurses, Business Entrepreneurs among countless other professions.  How such a prominent institution that has contributed so much towards national and global development for over half a century is left in such a dilapidated condition by its children and government is beyond any conscience. At the very least the one time only proud Co-educational (mixed gender) boarding school in the nation that produces so many responsible members of society should be a priority for government and or Alumni. Unfortunately this tired mother institution that has nurtured and given so much to so many is hanging on a life thread and struggling to survive with little or no sign of support!

A picture tells a thousand words.. This is the kitchen where student foods are being prepared and served!

Due to this desperate situation where animals can be seen in broad daylight loitering around campus and entering into the assembly hall; fellow Alumni in Gambia, Europe and the United States are calling for an emergency rescue mission for this great world institution. We call on you to remember your education, your personal growth and time at Armitage High School? What does it mean to your late great uncle, great father or mom? Imagine the pride that your parents had in them knowing you have passed the Common Entrance Examination and you have been accorded the privilege to attend Armitage. This must have been one of the greatest joy and pride of your family. We further ask you to remember what your education and experience at Armitage means to you and your children? How meaningful and worthy would it be for you to give back a token of appreciation to this great institution that made you who you are today?

Rain water leaks through the ceiling. Dangerous for students

Armitage Alumni are converging together from across the globe to address this unfortunate chapter of the school in it’s history. A Gofundme account has been set up for all Alumni and well wishers to contribute financially towards rebuilding ‘the great Armitage high school’. Several projects have been identified as a start and your contributions will immediately help towards modernizing the Dining Hall, Rebuild the Kitchen and the Assembly Hall as initial projects. An account has been opened by the Alumni Association on the ground in the Gambia where people can contribute. So far efforts to the fundraising efforts started in the Diaspora last month has generated over $5,000 US dollars. This amount is contributed by about 53 Alumni.  Click on the link below add see the contributions and add your donation… Project Restore Armitage Glory: 

Acknowledgment: The group who initiated this project wish to acknowledge that several efforts by Armitage Alumni have been initiated in the past either at the individual level or by a small group of people. Nothing can diminish or take away those noble efforts by those patriotic citizens. This new effort is a global push to consolidate all efforts from all Alumni through social media and other means to embark on a large scale project to rescue Armitage. 

Thank you for your donation. Please follow the link to donate: 

If you have any questions or concerns about this fundraising please contact the following people:

Awa Jawo Los Angeles USA – 626-622-5489
Karamba Touray Florida USA – 863-837-7874
Ousman Fatty Texas USA – 972-983-3713
Demba Baldeh Seattle Washington USA – 425-319-0884
Tramsir Jobe – Virginia USA – 619-884-5864
Momodou B. Krubally Los Angeles USA – 206-850-1988
Seedy SaidyKhan UK – +447853923149
Ismaila Sonko UK – +447428893384
Ebrima Sankareh UK – +447961659335
Mama Sabally UK – +447446151039
Saikou Dampha UK – + 447450225970
Omar Janneh – +447904658896
Ebou Samba – +4491743778615
Sanaba Jawla 2207588090 & 2206927108 Secretary General Armitage Ex- Students’ Association – Gambia

Story by Demba Baldeh Armitage Class of 91 (proud Alumni but extremely distressed by Armitage story)


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