APRC NAM: New Government Should Enforce Anti-littering Laws


By Adama Makasuba, edited by Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

National Assembly Member (NAM) for Foni Brefet, Hon. Sunkary Badjie has called for the enforcement of Gambia’s anti-littering laws to keep the country clean. The anti-littering act has been in effect since the previous regime and prohibits littering within the environment, but many citizens continue to ignore the act under the current administration of President Adama Barrow.

In an exclusive interview with Hon. Badjie at the chambers of the National Assembly on Wednesday 26th December 2018, he explained that unless the authorities take the bold step to enforce the law against ant-littering, waste collection would be a nightmare in the Gambia. “But this law, unfortunately, is not enforced-unless we try to enforce it waste collection would be a nightmare. We must change our attitudes and make sure those responsible for enforcing the law do their job,” he said.

Hon. Sunkary Badjie

Another way to end littering in the country he said is to create more public sensitization and enforcing the anti-litter act. He described the continuous littering in the country as wilful degradation of the environmental, saying it keeps the environment dirty and hazardous to inhabitants.

Waste collection and disposal has been a National cause for concern for decades and since the current government came into power numerous communities have called for a ban of dumpsites within close proximity. One such community which is seriously affected is the Bakoteh dumpsite.

In conclusion, the lawmaker called for attitudinal change among Gambians to re-energise the march towards national development and a healthier nation for all. He urged the government to engage the public on sensitisation projects aimed at protecting the environment.


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