An Emotional Account of April 10th & 11th Student Massacre by former GAMSU Student President


imagesCAPRRM0QApril 10th & 11th has been the darkest day in the history of the Gambia. It was the day(s) when innocent Gambian students were gunned down with live bullets leaving 13 students and a journalist dead. Mr. Omar Joof the former President of the Gambia Student Union (GAMSU) during the student massacre was our GUEST at Gainako Radio.

Omar commemorated the student killings by recounting how events unfolded on that fateful day. He made an emotional appeal to all Gambians not to forget the student victims who were killed and some maimed for live for simply expressing their right to freedom to assemble and demonstrate against the killing of one student and the rapping of a school girl. Omar called on all Gambians to continue to support the student victims and their families. He squarely put the blame of the student killings on President claiming that the President in fact allegedly ordered the killings of the students who he thought threatened the existence of his administration… Please tuned on the Radio to listen to an emotional account of April 10th & 11th from an eye witness.

Editor’s note: Our thoughts and prayers goes to the victims of April 10th & 11th and their families. 


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