Your ABC and 123 of Political Economy; Political Investment for Votes Part 23


Your A B C and 1 2 3 of Political Economy Part 23: Political Investment for Votes 

The Author: Sarjo Bayang, UK 

To gain political and economic capital, money capital investment does the job.  Shying away from genuine responsibility or rather a failure of commitment to rightful duty, the situation still begs good answers regarding how much money gets pumping during elections and stopping once the vote count is over.

 Here are some possible leads to help us understand how money talks loud during election times and remain in dead silence soon afterwards.  

Money Talk in Politics

Without stimulating economic interests, politicians will have no better motivation worth all the money lavishly dispensed during campaign periods. If the help is done on gentle kindness of care and share, then we expect the generous hands extended long after election.

Not only the money supply that stops. There are no courtesy calls to voters after elections due to busy engagements unconcerned about voters.

Next tour of the area is when another election fever catches on. Politicians around the world share so much in common. Voter relationship management is where some politicians fail to perform well enough.

Election cost as an investment

Knowing very well that the occupation of public office grants the occupier open access to money and other resources, it is clear why anyone chooses to empty their deep pockets during vote seeking only to refill beyond limit once in office.

Except for very honest politicians which we find in small numbers, majority of those seeking public office consider it an investment of time converted in money rewards.

Business in the real world runs as risky enterprise. Those that commit their time, money, and material resources expect a return on investment with prospects of growth. Investment in politics too has elements of risk.

When politicians win elections, it is big time gains all the way round. To be defeated in election amounts a loss of potential earnings and all other attractions. Time to pick up and dust up before another round of the election cycle gives the politicians opportunity to reflect with prospects of filling black holes leading to their fall.

Even without telling us that they are in politics to get-rich-quick, we have situations where sunken eyes, dry lips, shrink facial muscles soon turned into fat cheeks overnight. We may not be there as eye witness regarding what happens behind closed doors. Speculation has it that they are eating something that is not wild grass. They are eating raw money in silence.

Investment in elections by all accounts pay very high dividends. Apart from the chief politicians, shareholders too enjoy licking their hands from honey dripping in trickle down effect.

No matter how much we see them in their lavish spending during election periods, politicians know that the investment pays good enough to justify the risk. Especially when political power extends to unrestricted access and control of public money and other vital shared resources.

Good leaders share the goods

Taking everything belonging to everybody as personal possession is real greed. That’s what good leaders know well enough. Good leaders share the goods.

Good leaders know that where every vote counts there the needs of every voter matter. Beyond politics, good leaders are found in commerce, industry, organisations, institutions, and the wider society.

Leadership imposes stringent demands and beating the temptation of selfishness is one of those challenges. Given everything the universe houses, greedy and selfish leaders will still want more. Fill their graves with gold and silver ornaments, greedy leaders will yet steal from the poor to decorate their tomb stone with diamonds.

Leadership in other spheres also demand a gold heart of caring and sharing. In the abundance of all those that claim to represent us in parliament and higher seat of political power, just few of them prefer to care and share. Good leadership is not a gift. It is not always by nature but cultivated by nurture. We are in search of good leaders from all the flags raised. They make positive difference in total fulfilment of expectations.

Opportunity cost of wrong political choice

Politics being game of big numbers, the winner becomes leader to represent even those against them. By twist of good chance, the winning candidate turns to be right for everyone. That is not always happening though.

When it turns out to be the wrong choice for some reasons, the cost is not time and money alone. By extension, there is opportunity cost. When more genuine and committed candidates fall short of numbers, it is a done deal.

Loss of opportunity to be served by more readily committed and competent choice remains huge cost even for those that supported the wrong candidate by choice.

Political investment for votes pays in various ways. It can also impose unbearable resource burden on the public overtime.

To the one that wins and gets control of public resources, it is time to reap what they sowed. That is, money lavishly dished out during campaign periods fetch back colossal dividends as return on investment (R O I) in business plan language.

When they turn out to be the wrong choice, people keep bearing till another election cycle. That is additional cost in time value of lost opportunity.

Making informed choice is crucial when politicians flag up their menu on the table. Quite often, the menu card is more colourful than real food on the plate. Watch out for any defects that make difference.

Staying on borrowed time does not pay well

When the wrong choice becomes winner, they still have genuine mandate to stay on. Political investment for votes permits the situation.

Trouble arises when people become disgruntle and demand once popular candidate to surrender the seat of power in rough times.

Too attached to the seat of high office power, some politicians insist on their ability to correct whatever keeps going wrong. Blinded by sweetness of power, they become stubborn.

Around the whole wide world, all those who insisted staying on when things get going wrong end up on bad pages of history.

For some reasons, there are lessons in history that don’t serve any good for politicians staying on borrowed time. They think that their political investment on votes provides better prospects infinitely.

Very few shrewd politicians see the signals from long distance. They never overstay their welcome and begin packing before being made to pack.

There is time limit to how far political investment in votes can be extended. Unlike real world of business where the investor stays growing rich, in politics, a big fall shatters humpty dumpty all at once.

Life outside the business of politics may be a better one. Only those with wisdom and understanding know their limitations. Staying on borrowed time does not always pay well. If it does, it pays well bad enough. Investment in politics has limited time. Those who choose to extend beyond the right time end up having it wrong. Be warned before being wounded.


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