Your ABC and 123 of Political Economy Part 21: Longevity in political high office not always for love of country


Author: Sarjo Bayang 

No justification for longevity in political high office

To justify longevity in public high office, politicians load their basket with excess stuff. The trick is simple.

Promising to deliver what is beyond their mandate and time frame becomes a compelling reason why politicians crave for an extension. There will always be some unfinished business in real life. Politicians are no different breed to rest of mankind.

As in real life, there is a moment of termination. Therefore, people in politics have no genuine reason to overstay just business of lame claims about unfinished business in their menu of promises. Genuine politicians know that they cannot do it all and sensibly step down when the right time is up.

Choosing to bite on will most likely produce undesirable end for the overstaying politicians and people who may no longer keep patient or tolerate the same face till doomsday. 

Where public interest is not the true mission

Talking about development, not all politicians have genuine mission to serve best public interest.  Personal economic advancement is mostly the key motivation for many in politics.

By open unrestricted access to public resources some politicians command economic power they never want to relinquish.

No succession planning in longevity

When you ask about who they think will succeed them, some politicians are reluctant to answer that question openly.

It happens that they have someone in mind who may not be popular public choice. Quite often, such choice is on grounds where the politician has prospects to have someone that will pay blind eyes to their past mistakes and willful damages.

Very few politicians have succession planning when they take up public office or even as they continue to enjoy the sweetness of power.

The longer politicians continue to occupy public high office, there is possible danger that they get hooked up. Around them are people who also prefer their man or woman in power so that they can continue to enjoy longer than acceptable limit.

Politics becomes dangerous and unsuitable when those in high office think there are no other good people on this planet capable of replacing them. That is one reason why some politicians bury their head in the hot sand, insisting to stay in power at all cost.

Unfortunately, most politicians who insist on life occupancy of that hot seat end up having it melting under their heavy weight. The wiser ones know this and make graceful exit rather than the inevitable disgraceful end after all the glorious times in high position.

They speak by their tongue different from what is in mind

Watch the moving tongue and you will soon discover that their mind is telling different story. Even while knowing fully their mind reading is different reality from all lofty pronouncements, politicians insist that you trust everything they promise to deliver.

In the end, not all promises are fulfilled which makes lot of people feel disappointed. It can be painful for some people who put all their eggs in one basket with great hope that the trusted politician will ensure safe delivery.

Shrewd as they are often known to be, some politicians promise heaven on earth when in deep their mind they prefer hell for everyone including those diehard blind supporters.

Political High Office is Public duty station and not Private Enterprise

Use of political power to gain and exploit undue economic interest can be seen wrong in the eyes of society’s ‘right-thinking’ persons.

What seems to work very well for politicians is the fact that not everyone in society is thinking right. That is why/how political high score keeps topping up.

For demagogues and genuine politicians alike, here is one simple message. Always remember that your occupation of that public high seat is temporal. By demands of duty, public interest deserves highest priority.

We often see politicians taking the public high office as personal possession in ways suggesting private enterprise meant for churning wealth through possible illicit financial misappropriation.

Using the invisible hands to steal public money is common economic crime perpetrated by even others outside the political arena. It is chain work. They operate a scheme of enterprise that escapes the open mind, except very vigilant observers.

Impossible to fool all the people all the time

Not everyone will continue to keep tight lips with tongue biting silence over what the naked eyes watch passing on. Politicians prefer to carry on without being subjected to competent scrutiny.

Part of the reason why it takes long before politicians encounter public challenge is because of high scale deception.

The scheme of deception takes long slow motion before public patience is exhausted beyond tolerable limit.

At that point in time, those who kept quiet end up breaking the long silence. Praises turn into insults. People become increasingly intolerant.

Wise and understanding politicians pick up early signals before the storm beats them unprepared. Those who insist to ignore clear writings on the wall end up in total disgrace. 

Without right people, political leaders cannot carry on

At the peak of political power, those who sing praises, the same tongues keep slandering when you are gone. Examples are numerous around the world.

Every wise politician strives to keep right people around them. Such people will tell you the truth no matter how bitter. The rest are your praise singers who readily bow down in ego massaging.

Right people know that there is another life beyond political office. They will give right advice for right action at right time.

Failure to act on right counselling often leads to bitter end for everyone in life. Politicians are not immune to that devastating results of longevity when they refuse right advice.

If they can enter, there is also exit door at end

When taking first step to enter that high office, remember to identify right steps at the exit door. No matter how long you stay in political high office, the inevitable occasion of exit awaits.

Politicians may have choice to make smooth entry. There is no guarantee they will enjoy equal good choice on their day of final exit. Failing to read clear writings on the wall can lead to disgrace exit from fame to shame.

To all those aspiring undue longevity in political high office, be careful. There may be another good life out elsewhere. While enjoying praise, listen to the voice of good counselling even though you may find some it not sweet enough for ego massaging. Good luck.


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