A Poem: Untitled


A Poem: Untitled

By Yero

Smiley sunrays peeping in that home,

Shadows of the bushy flowers greet you with their refreshing shade,

Stinky down floods underground,

Elohay Mishpat has called to account; final call with thundering snatches,

You lay there flat, helpless, and still. It is for good, for bad, forever,

Ground warriors do their flesh snack party,

What else do you need to walk gently on earth?

There! The serene guards descended on assignment,

You begin to mumble over your prides of achievement,

Your war boots well soaked; body armor destroyed,

What else do you need to walk gently on earth?  

You looked around in hope or in shame; no helper except Elohay Yishi,

You scrambled, screamed, or shined in folds of glories,

Memories linger down lengthy lanes; all you wish now is a rebirth,

It is gone; you are done and it must be,

So is life, a beginning and an ending. Buckle up as you move!


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