A Poem: Traverse Prof. Nyang!


By Yero Jallow
Traverse to the good mentor and elder –Prof. Nyang
Traverse like the earthly heavens
Traverse like the moon and stars
Traverse till you cross the rough oceans
Traverse till you look down on grazing meadows
Traverse till your shadow stand aloft
With your black ebony and shiny reflections.

Your cool demeanor kindled many love candles
Your glow is like a comforting niche in a shine
Your bashing ‘ham-ham’ is a blessing to our globe
Your humility and warm-heartedness is a celebrated trait
Harvard of mighty fame knows this Prof. Nyang
The ‘Masjids’ of North America too knows
So are the many media outlets and activists of ages.

Traverse Prof. Nyang with God’s special favor
Traverse with our love and prayers
Let us wrap the ill-fated undesirable ailment garments
And replace it with the garments of peace and healing
With your ebony shadow aloft again in serene spirits
Traverse with your heart, strength, and thoughts
Traverse till all the missing cows come home. Traverse!!


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