A New Organization for Restoration of Democracy in Gambia formed in the State of Michigan



Public Notice: The People’s Movement for Democratic Gambia (TPMDG)

I’ve the pleasure to inform all Gambians and friends of Gambia that the above name organization is incorporated in the State of Michigan as a Non-Profit for the purpose of making Gambia a Functioning Institutional Democracy.

Our rationale for this holistic approach is based on the conviction that the problems have long outgrown the current Party Political efforts. For a democratic Gambia will require sophisticated citizenry and a complete re-cast of governance structures and authorities from Banjul right down to the village.

It’s also self evident that the solutions can neither be ‘outsource’ nor can they be remote controlled in European/American cities. We believed democratic solutions lies in our abilities to get to Banjul and engage authorities from a position of strength. That strength is in our masses while counting on the moral and financial support of the International Community.

Our Vision: ‘A Democratic Republic of The Gambia’.

This vision is detailed out in the draft ‘The Working Paper’ circulated 2/3 years ago. We’re currently working to finalize this vision.

Our Mission; ‘Creation of Requisite Human Capacity Capable of Democracy’

No government wants to limit itself to democracy. People running government usually use some moral and/or self-satisfying justification of their actions/inaction. ‘Functioning Democratic Institutions imposed adherence to democracy. These institutions will only function if people expect and demand so.  The people will be up to such tasks if they posses the requisite capacity for democracy.

TPMDG shall focus and devote efforts on mainstreaming democracy, human/civil rights, decentralization and good governance. The problem analysis that informed our programming identified the following as the core problems:

·    Inadequate Human Capacity Capable of Democracy
·    A Defenseless and Deficient Constitution
·    Centralization of Governance and Authority
·    Lack of Rule of Law and Due Processes of Law
·    Lack of Maximum Protection of Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Some might observed others such as firings, illegal hiring’s, arrests and detentions, etc. but we view those as the effects of the problems. They will go away if we address the real problems.

Our ‘10-Phase Plan’ shared earlier in the month demonstrated how we intend to organize/mobilize Gambians in the diaspora, go to Banjul to engage the authorities, involving the key players both home and abroad and organize/mobilize the people. Some warned am naïve to think Yahya will even listen much more talk to us about reforms/overhaul. My answer is/was he will not today because there exist no credible challenge, hence he has no incentive doing so. We hope to be that credible challenge and/or be a party to that challenge. To craft a political solution in Gambia will require pragmatism.

We recognized the existence of other efforts both past and present. We in fact want to thank them for being there all along. We hope to work with anyone at anytime on matters that we believe will lead us to a democratic Republic of The Gambia. We therefore look forward to sharing and debating our ideas in any national fora.

The next step of the institutionalization of our processes is the acquisition of Federal Tax Exempt Status.  All the requirements are put together and the application is ready for submission to Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is necessary for our ability to solicit and expense funds.

Our first 5-year plan is estimated to cost over US$5million. We hope to raise this from the various Democracy and Human Right Funds. To conform to tax laws and other regulatory standings we are holding the submission of our first Program Proposal until approval of our tax exemption status. Current expenses are made out of pocket as my contribution.  The public shall be inform of receipt of any funding in line with the reporting requirement of such funds, the utilization of the funds and the outcomes/impact of our actions.

Finally we would like to plead that your nation is in need of your input. This is an enormous task bigger than our individual beings. We therefore ask your voluntarism to assume roles of responsibility. We are in immediate need for Program Developer/Manager, Finance/Accounting/Sponsorship Manager and as well Marketing/Information Systems Developer/Manager.

We hope to be out meeting Gambians in their cities and countries of resident to discuss our plan and the necessary organization and mobilization. Looking forward to meeting some or all of you in the very near future.

God Bless The Gambia!

Burama FL Jammeh
Founder/General Secretary
The People’s Movement For Democratic Gambia
810 844 6040


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