First of all, Mr. Yahya, if in fact had or has that amount. It did not all come from Gambia. 

Mr. Samba is quoted as saying ‘the amount referenced for Panama may be a total of what passed through the accounts’; (Or it may be what is there). Time and Exploration will tell!

Every venture has a start and he and the Associates had theirs. That could be 1994; however, we believe it has roots beginning on or about 1996/98.

A review of the early associates (Tarek Musa, Baba Jobe, A, Samba and of course the other (4)

Coup Participants) will be germane to any investigation.

Monarch Airlines was used to carry material into Liberia and bring back Other Material. During an Independence Day celebration at Banjul, Mr. Yahya was absent. A now deceased UK national  Ms. Barry was delivering salad material to a local restaurant and was surprised to see the British High Commissioner and staff there, He was quoted as explaining, ‘If the President is to busy taking his xxx of Diamonds to Morocco and bringing back his satchel of dollars then why should we attend’. Well, diamonds are termed as a Girl’s Best Friend and it appears they were also his. (Note: One way of the Other Baba had to be blocked from testifying in the IOC Charles Taylor case. ‘Yes, he could be made available, after his economic crime sentence lapses, and then. Well, most know what happened at the end of the sentence).

Weapons Dealing is also Profitable. To buy weapons and ammunition an End User Certificate is required. Hence, the Gambia army had to expand to justify large orders that are then sent to 3rd party countries.

A French Billionaire of Polish origin has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of being behind an arms deal that fueled war in South Sudan. Pierre Konrad Dadak, 40, was apprehended in his luxury villa in Ibiza as special security forces raided his mansion following a four-year-long investigation. Dadak, a former army officer, is believed to have masterminded a gang that sold more than 200,000 AK-47s, missile launchers and tanks to clients in the war-torn African nation. The billionaire is said to have links with bogus companies across Europe and Africa for money laundering and tax evasion purposes, including in the UK, Belgium and France. He also used a violent criminal ring based in Holland to collect huge debts.

A spokesman for the Spanish police unit that made the arrest said: “The billionaire ring leader was using an international network of companies and contacts to extort and receive payments for alleged arms trafficking, even using the presidential plane in Gambia to sell weapons to this country.” He claimed he was involved in diplomatic work for Guinea Bissau, specifically as an economic adviser, but his passport had actually expired. He had a wide range of international contacts and was able to use the presidential plane to fly from Poland to Gambia to conduct arms deals. (Note: Europol certainly has a file waiting to be used). 

New Generators from Canadaand Mauritania. Old equipment – Sandblasted, sprayed and shipped as New. Profits paid for into which account/s. Mr. Musa and Company, if you please!

What is developing here is a pattern whereby any number of Shady Characters would be welcomed to do business in Gambia or with Mr. Yahya and the proceeds would not necessarily be in the country. The Large Cocaine bust that Disappeared or purported Nigerian funds also Bye Bye, as the funds are building up. 

Consider this – One buys a Hotel (Dunes Casino) and then Bans Gambling. What’s the Trick behind that. Ask Mr. Ford a Citizen in USA that came to Raise Beef Cows and Do What with What Cash Money? 


Consider 88 Known Bank accounts. Imagine him trying to keep track of them, even with online banking a staggering task. He must have had HELP! 

In order to sort this out the accounts should be placed in a computer and the Opening Dates and balance activity carried forward by year and Who Got What. In this way, the progress of the system to empty them can be ascertained. It will also indicate what are called ‘Repeats’ where differing accounts will spill or be sent into consolidating accounts; quite like the Florida banks did for various drug funds placed in separate accounts and then wired through other banks until coming to rest at the destination bank.

Those funds then Sleep, as they have only to stay hidden. It is not a fund for paying weekly bills. It is the Greed Feeder and it must grow to complete with the African and world Billionaire status seekers. Believe us, it is a Contest that got started in the 2nd Beginning from the first Wrong Deal.


i.e. Mali is still trying to get the Swiss banks to return more than the 400 odd million the deposed leader sent out up to 1993 believed to be in excess of $4 Billion.

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