40 Gambia Police Officers complete two week training on ‘Public Order’


By Adama Makasuba

At least 40 Police officers of the Gambia Police Force had on Friday graduated from a two week intensive training by two French Police officers on responding to public order.

The officers which men and women went through two weeks of intensive training under the instruction of two French Police officers.

Meanwhile, speaking to Gainako in an exclusive interview after the graduation ceremony, Police spokesman, ASP Lamin Njie said the Police has no aim of targeting any group or individual in the country despite training 40 police officers on countering public order (protest).

“I am telling the people especially the general public that the police have not brought any equipment being the water cannon equipment in order to target group especially to intimidate, harass any group, we are doing our job and we are going to do this job within the confinement of the law,”he said.

He said “it has nothing to do with a targeted group or individual but it has to do with the all process of professionalism in the police.”

Meanwhile, ASP Njie said they (Police) will endeavor to ensure that the public and their properties are protected and in the country.

According to ASP Njie the training will equip the trained police officers to take appropriate tactical maneuver throughout putting public under order, adding that the Gambia Police is moving towards handling public order in a more professional manner.

“We want to assure the general public that the Gambia Police Force is in its drive to ensure professionalism we will continue to handle public order with utmost care within the parameters of the law,” he said.


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