Message from the Secretary-General and Party, Leader Ousainou Darboe

In the last sixteen months, the UDP has worked hard to change the image of the central government through our Ministers in the Coalition Government, as result, the Gambia is gradually regaining its rightful position in the international community. Foreign Direct Investment and International Development is coming to the Gambia.

Here at home, the Council elections of last week gave the UDP a clear mandate with a majority of Councillors nationwide. I pledge to you that a UDP Local Government will serve the interests of all our people, in cities, towns and villages. Some changes have happened, but much more needs to be done.

Together with the UDP, you can make local government work to fight poverty, provide free basic services, build our communities into democratic and progressive areas, and create a better life for all. You can take part in these changes by voting UDP in the upcoming Mayoral and Chairpersons elections and, after that, helping us transform local governance in every city and village.

UDP Councillors must and will serve the people. They will be dedicated to the improvement of people’s lives. If UDP Councillors do not work in the interest of the people, the UDP will deal with them. Every UDP Councillor will sign a pledge that they will report to the people and listen to them.

I urge you to join us in the fight for faster change. Vote UDP for strong, democratic local government. Together we can make sure that local government works for us all. Together we can fight poverty and speed up change where we live. Vote for UDP Mayors and Chairpersons in the Local Government Elections, and

  • Take charge of your destiny and shape the future of your children
  • Join the fight against poverty and underdevelopment by:
  • Improving services to all communities
  • Providing a basic level of services like water and electricity to every household
  • Creating jobs where we live
  • Working for social and economic development
  • Build safety and security

A UDP Local Government will give the people power to build our communities and our nation in a united democratic way.


  • Ensure that disadvantaged people, especially women, youth, disabled and aged people and workers, have a strong voice in decision-making.
  • Draw up integrated development plans and budgets on the basis of broad consultation to reflect and meet community needs.
  • Embark on people-driven local development initiatives.
  • Take firm measures to combat corruption and nepotism.
  • Ensure that the public sector adheres to the principles of serving our people. UDP local government will:
  • Ensure local economic growth that benefits the majority of our people and creates jobs.
  • Improve public transport and build infrastructure closer to economic centres.
  • Strengthen local economies by upgrading water, electricity, roads, healthcare and security
  • Support national job creation programmes,
  • Support community-based enterprises, including co-operatives, micro-enterprises and small businesses

Redesign policies on procurement, banking, investment and so on, to support community-based and co-operative enterprises In restructuring to serve our people, a UDP-led local government will protect and create jobs by:

  • Developing their plans with participation of all stakeholders, including youths and women.
  • Reviewing existing plans and policies that will increase employment, and finding alternatives for the provision of municipal services.
  • Providing equitable pay and benefits, including pensions, for all their workers.
  • Expanding opportunities for skills development for their employees, with fair assessment systems and career paths based on skills and abilities, including for persons with disabilities. As a matter of priority, a local government summit will be organised by the UDP to define the role of local government in job creation and establish measures to protect and create jobs.

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