Statehouse Letter Writer Extols Gainako: Banjul Airport Closure Article Exposes Jammeh And The APRC. 


By Concerned Statehouse Insider, Banjul

Dear Gainako Editors:

Kindly publish my rejoinder below.

Your report on the alleged Banjul airport closure on January 10th has been making rounds here since its publication. A Press statement dispelling your report was finally issued by a government trying to be relevant again for which your paper needs to be congratulated. For once, Yahya Jammeh and his cronies are feeling the heat. The irony here is, why after all these years, the deaths in custody, the tortures, the rapes, the rampant corruption and all the bad the Online Press has reported; why has the Government never came forward to issue Press Releases? Where is the Press Release on Solo Sandeng’s death?

This Government is on life support and the plug goes off on January 19th and they are looking at every excuse to remain relevant but the will of the people, #Gambia has decided is real. Chey wai lee mor neh.  Yahya Jammeh who annulled an election his government conducted is capable of doing anything. In fact, close sources within the Government also confirmed to me on Monday that Yahya Jammeh led solid discussions on closing the airport and you caught them with their pants down. After all, isn’t this the same Government that shot into the doors of the IEC and took it over for two weeks and lied that there was an arson threat to the building. Or, do they think Gambians forgot how they murdered Daba Marenah and Co and said they escaped in shackles after the car they were being transported rolled over.

We cannot forget all the lies they pedaled after Ousman Sonko and Sanna Manjang killed Deyda Hydara at Jammeh’s orders. So who are they trying to fool? Besides, your article never confirmed in the affirmative, instead you practiced good journalism by alluding that your paper will follow up on the “Alleged Airport Closure,” unless, I read something else. Shameless thieves.  Gainako needs to be commended for cracking into Jammeh’s mud skull. The next press release should be a denial of the 43 million Dalasis allegedly withdrawn from the Central Bank on Yahya Jammeh’s orders. It’s also “viral!” Well done Gainako!

Please do not respond with any rebuttal, you have them exactly where the Gambian people #Gambia has decided want them.

A Concerned Statehouse Insider

5th. January 2017


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