Sidia Bayo adds his voice to the Raleigh Conference from afar


BayoSpeech of the leader of the Democratic Alliance Party, Sheikh Sidia Bayo sent to the National Conference in North Carolina, the United States

Here is a moment of truth and history for the liberation of our country, the Gambia, to put an end to 19 years of tyranny and militarized republic.

Words are a powerful weapon, thank you to all Gambians media who do a great job to put the dictatorship of Yahya Jammeh in the light, these heroes are the heart of our struggle, they call Pa Nderry, Seedy Ceesay, Alhagie Mustapha Faye, Bamba Mass, Musa Saydikhan, Oussainou Baye Sankareh, Fatou Jaw Manneh, Gainako team, Baba Hydara, Lamine Jarju, etc … 

Words have the power to evoke any kind of emotion. Words have the power to inspire others, Gambians should welcome the existence of a National Conference, we have a duty of unity, to understand us and to stop Jammeh, to install and organize the transition for an early presidential elections in late 2015, after a period of two years of transition for the restoration of democracy and good governance in The Gambia …

My democratic and revolutionary actions from Senegal and in the Sub Region since September 13, 2012 have one goal, to gather a maximum of Gambians citizens to end theJammeh regime.

I acknowledge that I have made mistakes, I learned from those mistakes, and today I started a new adventure, the birth of a political party capable of setting up an international action from abroad to give a global dimension to our struggle, but I opted for a single option, engage an armed struggle to stop the dictatorship of Yaya Jammeh.

My choice was well thought because it is the only solution to step down Yaya Jammeh…

The advent of political leaders in North Carolina is a positive sign for the Gambian opposition; thanks especially to Honorable Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, Honorable Omar Amadou Jallow and Honorable Dr Seedat Jobefor their boundless devotion to the liberation of our country.

Today I wanted to be present, but a case of force majeure prevented me to be here and I regret it deeply.

I agree with the idea of Lawyer Oussaynou Darboe who said we must talk frankly…

The Gambia has used all his cards for a democratic change but we failed…

The international community has given us opportunities to start a revolution and armed struggle to stop the dictatorship of Jammeh but today we should accept that only the arms struggle could stop the dictator Yaya Jammeh.

Yaya Jammeh is not a democrat, The Gambia has 11 political parties, all Democrats, against one dictator, a criminal, who has made thousands of victims openly or concealed, we waste our time talking about democracy and good governance against Jammeh, we should only use these terms in the context of our transition, but not against the militarized republic of Jammeh…

ADP takes all its responsibilities with the international community and calls all political parties to work with us around the actions of ADP to convince the entire international community to assist us to overthrow Jammeh in 2013.

We met already the head of delegation for EU, Mrs Luisella Woolfe at the date of 10 April 2013, at the European Parliament, at Strasbourg in France….

I call all the Gambians political leaders to commit now for an armed struggle, because the regime change in The Gambia is imminent, we risk a second military regime in case of a sudden change with the Gambia Armed Forces; it is a moral duty to avoid this risk for the future generations.





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