Professor Adboulie Saine holds Lecture at MDI on Gambia’s Transition from Dictatorship to good Governance


FOREID will have its Inaugural Lecture titled “Transition from Dictatorship to Good Governance; Which Way Gambia?” by renowned Gambian academic Prof. Abdoulaye Saine on Sat. July 8, 2017.

FOREID is a newly-formed independent, voluntary, non-partisan, non-discriminatory and non-for profit civil society organization to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to help develop and maintain a culture of dialog in The Gambia. Toward this end, FOREID will be organizing its Inaugural LectThe Forum for the Exchange of Ideas for Development (FOREID) will hold its Inaugural Lecture on

Saturday, July 8, 2017 from 5:15 – 7:35 PM at the UTG Auditorium Law Faculty Building, MDI Road,
Kanifing. The lecture, “Transition from Dictatorship to Good Governance; Which Way Gambia?,” will
be delivered by internationally-renowned Gambian academic and activist, Professor Abdoulaye

Saine, of the Department of Political Science, Miami University, Ohio, USA. Lecture to
help the national dialog about transitioning The Gambia from 22 years of dictatorship to good and
democratic governance.

The lecture is expected to bring together government officials, civil society organizations, the private sector, religious leaders, media organizations, youths, university students, women’s groups, as well as international development partners to discuss the way forward for The Gambia. Prof. Saine is a well-known Gambian academic who has written, edited, and contributed to many books, in addition to writing numerous articles about African politics in general and Gambian politics in particular. He has also been an active member of the Gambian Diaspora that fought against dictatorial rule in The Gambia, and helped efforts to bring together the Coalition that defeated former President Yahya Jammeh in last years’ presidential elections. Prof. Saine’s lecture will be followed by a discussion of transitioning The Gambia to democratic rule and good governance.

FOREID is an independent, voluntary, non-partisan, non-discriminatory and non-for-profit civil
society organization aimed at providing forums for the exchange of ideas, and to develop a culture
of dialog in The Gambia. The FOREID forums will consist of presentations by experts on various
topics of national and international interest, and will be aimed at helping raise awareness about the
importance of dialog in national development. The organization will also help provide government
and other stakeholders with authoritative views on issues of concern to them, and partner with
them to promote dialog as a means to achieving inclusive national development.
FOREID – Supporting national development through dialog
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