A Poem: The Final Journey – We Are Home Finally Safe!


By Yero Jallow

We are home in mass to the underground bedrock

There we sleep till the call to the heavens

Albeit peeping light rays with no glass windows

We traverse on that ‘Seeraat’ in a speed of light.

We are home in mass to finally rest

Our ailments are healed. Our worries are gone

Our war boots and spears hang in shame to its heirs

As we communicate with love to the serene spirits.

We are home in spirit to salute the most High Lord

A greeting of an awakening “salaam” that filled the airwaves

With its uplifting spirit that entered our hearts in glory

At once we felt never a pain or anguish on perilous earth.

We are home in spirit; united with our ancestors

In overwhelming queues we greatly assembled aloft mountains

Lo! And its unending queues in golden uniforms

Such a beautiful spirit; love rained, scents and dust in tranquil.

We are home in mass for the journey of no return

Our bags are full of achievements, hope and God’s true merciful reliance

A voice heard, “Salaam, Get in this day!” And that is His command, “BE!”

There! There, the final journey – we are home finally safe! (Ameen).

(Pic Courtesy: www.clipartfest.com)


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