• Lsabally
    Gambian Association in Minnesota Elects New Executive!

          NEW ELECTED EXECUTIVE MEMBERS TO TAKE CHARGE OF THE GAMBIAN ASSOCATION IN MINNESOTA FROM JANUARY 2016 TO DECEMBER 2017. By Lamin Sabally, Minnesota On Saturday November 28, 2015, community of Gambians in Minnesota congregated at the community Education and Cultural Center to elect new executive members of their association that will take…

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  • 12341348_10153710837976257_2776175969262857610_n
    Release of Kartong youths the right thing to do…

        The release of Kartong youths who were arrested over a week ago after a brief demonstration to stop sand mining in their village is a welcome gesture. The President’s intervention before 33 youths appear in court to order their release is a step in the right direction. Every genuine Gambians must welcome the…

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  • IndependentAfrica
    Independence Revisited – Part One

      By Baba Galleh Jallow It is sometimes difficult to resist the temptation to entertain a controversial question – was Africa ready for independence when it happened? Was the independence Africans envisaged and anticipated the independence they lived? The evidence is troubling. Africans have certainly not enjoyed the rights and freedoms in whose name their…

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  • 12305852_646237432186172_1226016620_n
    Gambia to Get New Islamic School

        The Governor of the Lower River Rigion of the Gambia, Salifu Puye, Monday laid the foundation stone for the construction of a new Islamic school in Jarra Soma. Madrasatul Quran Kareem Institute which was formally based in Koidu Town, Kono District, Sierra Leone and founded by a renowned Gambian scholar, late Alhaji Mohammed Hardy…

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  • Halifa Sallah, candidate from the coalition, National Alliance for Democracy and Development (NADD) at his house 21 September 2006 in Serrekunda. Gambia's presidential hopefuls have been criss-crossing the tiny west African country drawing thousands of supporters to mass rallies in a last-minute bid to woo voters before elections 22 September. AFP PHOTO SEYLLOU

(Photo credit should read SEYLLOU/AFP/Getty Images)
    Halifa Sallah writes to President Jammeh on Kartong

    THE FAILURE TO EMPLOY COMMUNITY POLICING STRATEGY IN KARTONG High grade State administration depends on principles and strategic objectives not on individual whims and caprices. The development in Kartong does not appear to be a by-product of any political or criminal conspiracy. One doubts whether any had the premeditation to commit crime. This letter is being addressed to you not…

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  • 12311033_1047874728598683_6767815391657992502_n
    The Gambia: In solidarity with the thirty-three illegally ....

    By Mathew K Jallow The Gambian military regime long ago concluded that spreading terror had the desirable effect of pacifying the population and neutralizing dissent, and has never looked back. What the regime never quite understood, however, is that even fear has a finite shelf life. And last week, when the long simmering frustrations collided…

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  • images (1)
    Leadership Failure and the Contributing Factors

      By Ebrima Manneh Leaders who see people as the most important resource invest in them abundantly. They value their contributions as integral to the growth and development of an organization or country, and involve them in decision making processes. Good leaders understand the advantage of utilizing the input of others, and therefore surround themselves…

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  • newfatoujaw
    Why President Sall Should Take out Yahya Jammeh!

        Why President Sall should take out Yahya Jammeh Straight to Rebeuss!!! by Fatou Jaw Manneh President Macky Sall of Senegal should take out the madman of The Gambia. And yes, by any means necessary. The tyrant’s latest ranting, which purposely provokes Senegal, is one more reason to boot him out of power. Envious…

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  • Thespotlightfundraisingevent
    The Spotlight: Sustainability of God’s Houses

          The Spotlight: Sustainability of God’s Houses. By Yero Jallow “The word ‘Islam’ means ‘peace.’ The word ‘Muslim’ means ‘one who surrenders to God.’ But the press makes us seem like haters” (Muhammad Ali, Activist and Boxing Champion). The Fundraising: The Gambian Islamic Education and Cultural center in Minnesota organized a fundraising event…

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  • 12241335_988051507908087_1734043758500131525_n
    You can’t fool the youths this time; victory to the ....

        By: Ousainou Mbenga “You teach the youth that the pirate Jammeh is a great man”. The youths are awakening from the “dream life” of accountability, transparency and probity and find their future entangled in a nightmare of horror and terror. You don’t owe apologies to anybody, especially Jammeh! Here is April 10 and…

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  • IMG_20151126_095639
    There is serious lack of goodwill and good faith in a lot ....

        By Assan Sallah, Dakar, Senegal Gaye Sowe, executive Director of the Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA) has said that politically, there is a serious lack of goodwill and good faith in a lot of African leaders. He added that the same leaders who came to office thanks to the…

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  • DMU cultural diversity - Global Hands - See Jeremy
    Gambian Professor Dr. Sallah wins prestigious teaching award

    ‘DMU teacher named most innovative in the country at prestigious awards’ A lecturer from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has been named the most innovative teacher in the country at the UK’s most highly-prized higher education awards. Dr Momodou Sallah was awarded the title at the 2015 Times Higher Education Awards, for his pioneering work taking…

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  • DVD_PrintCover_Prince
    Musuya Kunto (Cutting the Womanhood) – A taboo-breaking ....

      Review By D. A. Jawo, Dakar, Senegal  Female Genital Mutilation (Female Genital Cutting) is quite a touchy subject in the Gambia, with a clear dividing line still existing between the conservative traditionalists who want it maintained as part of our heritage and the modernists who support the trending international call to treat it as…

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  • 11850452_393023050822224_655147446755349453_o
    GYU Fundraiser for Kartong Youths

    November 26, 2015 Gambia Youth for Unity (GYU) Contact: For immediate release: The Gambia Youth for Unity (GYU) has launched a fundraising campaign in support of the Kartong Youth. The funds will cover the legal expenses, and logistics for youth mobilization on the ground.  Legal Process. A gofundme account has been circulated which can…

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  • f8bd0a6a-df61-4ad1-8b5f-c7d9f0a6c17d
    Over 30 Gambian Youths charged and Remanded at the ....

    Over 30 Gambian youths, a woman and an elderly man all from the coastal village of Kartong in the Kombo South District in the West Coast Region have been arrested and detained at the notorious Mile II Central Prison. The mostly young environmental activists were rounded up few days ago after a confrontation with trucks…

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  • 12250169_10153674630400891_105400093984666860_n
    Gambia Sick President Collapsed, Dead Economy, Melting ....

      By Sarjo Bayang Going by marital vows of loyal spouses you keep going until you can no longer go on. Gambia as a nation is not marital partner of presidents, their deputies, or chief clerks. Constitution of Gambia provides clear guidelines about what needs doing in the event a sitting president is corrupt, sick…

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  • gamcotrap-d
    Gambian President made 360′ degree on FGM; Declares ....

      Interview with GAMCOTRAP Director Dr. Isatou Touray The Gambia President Yahya Jammeh unofficially declared a ban on the degrading and harmful practice of Female Genital Cutting commonly referred to as FGC in the small West African State of the Gambia. The President made this pronouncement during a political rally in his native village of…

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  • kwame_nkrumah
    Consciencism – Revisited; Traditional African, Islam, ....

    By Sainey Faye In his book ‘Consciencism-Philosophy And ideology For decolonization’ Kwame Nkrumah notes:- “With true independence regained,however, a new harmony needs to be forged, a harmony that will allow the combined presence of traditional Africa,Islamic Africa, and Euro-Christian Africa, so that this presence is in tune with the original humanistic principle uderlying African society.Our society…

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  • 11850452_393023050822224_655147446755349453_o
    GYU Express concerns over alleged mass youths arrest in ....

      Gambia Youth for Unity is deeply concerned and condemns the arrest of over forty youths from Kartong, West Coast Region including women and children. “We condemn unethical mining taking place in Kartong and we call on the Gambian authorities to halt mining operations and release the detained youths whose action shows that they were…

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  • Ebou  Gaye- Photo
    You Are Opportunists, Not Patriots

    By Ebou Gaye You are opportunists, not patriots You need a great deal of edification and enlightenment, As you have lost your bearings and swerved to the wrong path You have taken the tyrant as your lord in lieu of God the Almighty, In your attempts to ingratiate yourself with him or gain his favour,…

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  • download
    Lamin Nyabally becomes the 10th Secretary General to be ....

      By D. Baldeh Associate Editor Mr. Lamin Nyabally Secretary General and Minister for Presidential Affairs and head of the civil service has been removed from his post with immediate effect after serving less than one year. As usual no reason has been given for the removal of Mr. Nyabally who is apparently the 10th…

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