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In another disgraceful attempt for significance, in a speech last night or in the early hours of Wednesday when most Gambians had retired to bed, Yahya Jammeh announced his appointment of Pa Musa Jallow as Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister. He added another portfolio, a first in Gambian political history, Mediator General. While Gambians are baffled at this and still trying to understand what is it that Jammeh wants mediated, we at Gainako took it unto ourselves to take closer look at Pa Musa Jallow, who most of his friends describe as a Poster Boy but most were quick to add that He’s already had his day with Jammeh and that was why he resided and worked outside The Gambia all these years, most notably, Mali. While the information that he was once arrested at Jammeh’s orders is still up for conjecture; this is what we do know about our “Mediator General” in his own words;

Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah Amlhamdulilah (All thanks and praises to God for All His Kindness and Mercies).

I thank God not because one Gambian lost power to another Gambian but because the transition of power has been peaceful and democratic and the will of the Gambian people has been spoken and all have bowed to the voice of the people which we believe is the Voice of God.

I continue to pray for continued peace and stability and I continue to pray for those elected to manage the affairs of our Nation that God Continue to Guide and protect them and bless them and Bless our Nation.

The Gambia has achieved a major milestone and I am very grateful that the elections were held in peace and respect and the results have been accepted by all the candidates.

We pray insha Allah that goodness and peace continue to prevail. God Bless us all and God Bless The Gambia and Nkosi sikelele in Africa.

Then as now I will remain nonpartisan. I will support my government when it deserves it but I will remain loyal always to my country. Today the words of our national hymn and anthem ring loud and true and may we all keep it always in our hearts and minds..


For The Gambia, our homeland,

We strive and work and pray,

That all may live in unity,

Freedom and peace each day.

Let justice guide our actions

Towards the common good,

And join our diverse peoples

To prove man’s brotherhood.

We pledge our firm allegiance,

Our promise we renew;

Keep us, great God of nations,

To The Gambia ever true.


Our Country’s Motto “Progress, Peace and Prosperity”

Our National Pledge:

“It is the combination of Government and people working together in unison and harmony,

That still lead us to achieve the progress that we all desire.

We must stand together as one people with one goal and move forward as one nation.

For if we insist on pursuing our personal goals without keeping our collective.

Objectives and responsibilities in mind,

Then indeed we shall fall. Let us renew these promises we made to ourselves and to our Country at the time of independence as enshrined in our National Anthem.”

Thank you God and juma mubarak…Blessed juma. Wassalam. Peace”

Reading through this post by no other but the “Mediator General” himself, one wonders what his mediation mission is going to be; for he endorsed the outcome of the elections. Even though he hastily rushed to mention a “Peaceful transition,” which does not look like his Boss is ready for; given the latest GRTS newscast that just re-emphasized that Yahya Jammeh will become a Rebel on January 19, his sincerity and decency is hanging on the balance. We do believe that this poster boy for some will not venture into a territory that will cost him his life since his Boss is on a suicide mission. We will be watching, gloves are off and his dossier is at our disposal. Everything is fair game now, but we will give Pa Musa Jallow (PMJ) the benefit of the doubt and watch his mediating prowess take its path.



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