Obituary: The Late Momodou Gaye, Norway


By Yero Jallow

“Indeed we belong to Allah (SWT), and Indeed to Him (Allah) we shall all return,” (Al-Quran, 2:156. Sahih International).

The Norwegian community mourns one of their own best, Momodou Gaye. Momodou was simply a community volunteer who tried to touch many hearts with his science, mathematics, and reading skills. Momodou passed peacefully this past week in Norway and is survived by his wife and children.

A long time resident of Norway and family friend, described the late Momodou as a great asset to the community, sharing that Momodou organized literary classes, targeting the younger generations, something he took great passion in over a long period of time, and how this was a great loss for the Gambian community in Norway.

From the late Momodou’s own wife, Adu Sally Njie, bitterly mourned a great husband in her Facebook post of June 11th 2017, thus, “Momodou Gaye, Allah, have mercy because I am in misery. My eyes are weak from so much crying and it will continue. My whole being is tired from the grief and I know this will continue. My mind is still having trouble wrapping itself around the fact that you’re gone. You are already missed by all that have crossed your path during your life time. You have shared your knowledge especially Mathematics, General Science, Computer and list goes on. Rest in peace my dear husband!”

Our warm heart goes out through the deceased’s brother, Ebou Gaye, a sharing person, whose activism online is celebrated, especially fighting with and along the oppressed at the most difficult time of our nation’s history. To their entire family, I share my heartfelt condolences. May the deceased comrade peacefully rest, till again we will reunite with him in the hereafter. (Ameen).


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