New Gambia Movement Ramadan Activity


On Saturday 10th June 2017 at 10AM the New Gambia Movement Members participated in their Ramadan
Activity which was fully funded by donations from New Gambians in The Gambia, the Diaspora, local
businesses and some spontaneous donations from the public.

The NGM engaged in a Setal Juma (mosque cleaning and painting) activity at Brufut community mosque.
This modest juma (mosque) is housed on a vast piece of land where the people of Brufut and their
neighbours gather for the Friday and Eid prayers. We were well received by Imam Ousman Sanyang,
resident at the compound and some members of his mosque community and of course members of the
congregation. In the spirit of Ramadan, Mr. Kawsu Drammeh (NGM Member) was able to mobilise
support from his colleagues who work close by (whom we hope will be joining our Movement soon) who
all participated in the cleaning and painting exercise of the mosque.

All NGM members present were fully engaged (see the photos below). This exercise was well received
and much appreciated; we were able to collect D800 in donations and a New Gambian paid his 2017
annual subscription of D200. Additionally, an impressed observer donated 2 brand new carpets for the
mosque (see photos below). The activity was covered by 4 media houses (Observer, The Point, The
Standard and Foroyaa) in The Gambia.

Imam Ousman Sanyang (in Red Tshirt) gave a beautiful thank you message and expressed gratitude from
the community. Presentation of cola nuts was made – prayers offered for NGM and the members and
The Gambia. This was during a break for short rest and Zuhr prayers.
As part of our Civic Education role, Mr. Bubacarr Senghore (bottom left of picture 4, in blue pants) and
Ms. Isata Njie (picture 5, in glasses) delivered talks on “Self Help” in Mandinka and Wollof, respectively.

With hard work comes visible result. The painting is completed- We handed over the mosque to the
Imam and hope to see you all during the Eid prayers. May the Good Lord allocate us nicely painted
houses in Al Jannah tomorrow. Ameen.
If you want to see more photos of the New Gambia Movement’s Setal Juma Ramadan Activity, please visit
our Facebook page (


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