New Gambia Movement (NGM) Adapts New Constitution and By-Laws



After 22 years of dictatorship and at this crucial point in our country’s history, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive rethinking and a radical transformation of our national political culture. To carry out this important task of re-thinking and transforming our political culture, there is the need for a national movement of well-meaning and like-minded Gambians designed to bring about comprehensive, meaningful and lasting change to our country. For this reason, we have formed the New Gambia Movement (hereinafter referred to as “NGM” or the “Movement”) with the primary objective of transforming The Gambia into a politically enlightened and empowered Family Nation in which the people are the parents, the government and the children.

The NGM was launched on January 2, 2017. The Movement aspires to work in partnership with the Gambia Government, civic society organisations, institutions of further and higher education and individuals who share our common goals towards transformative social changes necessary to prevent any individual(s) and system(s) from oppressing, marginalising, and denying the citizens of the Family Nation their rights in the society.
The NGM’s Charity programme is dedicated to improving the quality and value of life of Gambians. One of the Movement’s missions is to implement self-sufficient initiatives for the less fortunate members of the Family Nation, thereby empowering such individuals become self-supporting, enabling them to succeed in the global economy and make meaningful contributions to nation building. With complete transparency, the NGM strives to positively impact the people and communities who need it most. We serve all people in the Family Nation regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.


1.1 Name: New Gambia Movement (hereafter called “NGM” or “the Movement”)
1.2 Motto: Power to the People; where the Citizens of the Gambia have the Power to
determine how they are being governed.
1.3 Logo: Gambian flag overlaid with the words: New Gambia Movement, One Nation, One
1.4 Physical Address: Brusubi 2, No 501, West Coast Region, The Gambia
1.5 Web address:
1.6 Email address:

1.7 Areas of Operation

The NGM areas of operation are The Gambia, United States of America, Europe and in
other parts of the World where the Movement may decide to set up its Chapters. READ FULL  CONSTITUTION & BYLAWS


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