The New Gambia Movement launches its new project: Heal the Family Project 


The NGM kick started the Heal the Family Programme at SerreKunda Health Center on July 22, 2017. Leading the Heal the Family Project was Dr. Surahata Ceesay, the NGM’s Health Services Director. Dr. Atta Ceesay, the NGM’s Director of Charitable Projects and Dr Pierre Gomez, the NGM’s National Organising Secretary were also in attendance. Many New Gambians, the NAM representative, the Council Person (Mr. Alieu Sillah) for the Constituency and many others attended the occasion.

Group Photo at the presentation ceremony: Dr Atta Ceesay, front row, third from left and Dr. Surahata Ceesay, front row, fourth from left can be seen presenting the items to Ms. Elianna Sambou, Mid-wife at the Centre. Dr Pierre Gomez can be seen in the back row, left of Dr. Surahata Ceesay. The NGM supplied the Centre with 100 Digital thermometers and first aid kits (see the photo above and below).

The programme was very successful and was covered by the GRTS and all major media houses in the The Gambia. However, below are the observations the NGM made of the Serrekunda Health Centre.

The NGM’s observations of the Serrekunda health Centre The state of the Serrekunda Health Centre was pitiful – it’s going from bad to worse!  the entire Centre has one (1) blood pressure machine which they shared with the Emergency Department. The Centre does not have a single thermometer.

They have only 3 delivery rooms with no tools or equipment child birth. The delivery kits have to be sterilised and re-used several times. The Center has 12 beds which is insufficient for the Centre’s operations and therefore mothers and their newborn babies sometimes share a bed. The beds are dilapidated and none of the beds are electric/adjustable – very uncomfortable indeed. There was no pain medications for mothers during/after labour. The mothers are discharged home from the ‘delivery suite’ within 24 hours instead of the normal 48 hours.

There is limited access to the Centre during the day as the market vendors occupy the street around the Health Centre as well as the Centre’s gate. As a result, patients cannot reach the Health Centre in an emergency. Shockingly, some babies are delivered in the taxis due to lack of access to the Health Centre. To sum it up, the entire Center is on the verge of collapsing or has collapsed a long time ago. We know that what we saw at the Serrekunda Health Centre is not the worst in the country.

There are many communities that do not even have the next to nothing that we saw at the Serrekunda Health Centre. Our people deserve better and we have to do something about this relatively quickly. It is the NGM’s ambition to adopt the Serrekunda Health Centre, provide the necessary training for the staff and support the Centre so that it can safely meet the healthcare needs of the community and become a health centre whose standards are worthy or emulation by other Health Centres in the country. However, we cannot fulfil this ambition without your support.

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