MOYS issues letter to dissolve the National Youth Council


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

Gainako News has received a letter issued by the Ministry of Youths and Sports (MOYS) to the National Youth Council (NYC) which aims to dissolve the National Youth Council Board of Governors with immediate effect. The letter signed by Mengbeh Jaiteh on behalf of the Ministry of Youths and Sports is available below.

Why dissolve the National Youth Council?

The big question everybody wants answers to is what are the official reasons for dissolving the National Youth Council? To date, the official reasons for the dissolution of the council are unclear as some members of the council have not been informed. However, it’s been brought to our attention that the National Youth Council Act passed by the National Assembly in 2000 can only be dissolved by the President who is currently out of the country. Below is the relevant section of the Act on ‘Dissolution of Council’.

However, Gainako is aware of a disagreement between Kanifing Municipal Council Youth Leader Baboucarr Kebbeh and Mengbeh Jaiteh who threatened to dissolve the National Youth Council previously. It’s believed that this threat of dissolution was made in response to criticism of the manner in which the MOYS has been handled. Below is the social media post from Baboucarr Kebbeh directed to the Minister of Youths and Sports. Gainako will be following both sides of this developing story to find out why the dissolution of the NYC and if this attempt to dissolve the NYC has any legitimacy, given that the order for dissolution has not emanated from the President.

Letter sent to the National Youth Council dated 4th September

Dissolution of Council

I write to convey that the National Youth Council Board of Governors has been dissolved, with immediate effect.

You may wish to know that this decision is consistent with the National Youth Council Act of 2000.

Consequently, I wish to thank you and all the council members for your service rendered during your tenure of office.

Warm Regards,

Mengbeh Jaiteh,

Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Youth and Sports

Dissolution of Council Guideline

1. The President may dissolve the membership of the Council if it –

a. Conducts itself in a manner which is contrary to national interest or the code of conduct prescribe under this Act;

b. Fails to comply with any provision of this Act.

2. In the event that the Council is dissolved, the duties and responsibilities of the Council shall vest in the Department of Youth and Sports.

Social Media Post by Baboucarr Kebbeh


To: Hon. Minister of Youth & Sports,

Sir, I m very concern with the trend your ministry is governed, administered and run. The ministry is supposed to be architect and hope of young people to restore hope for new Gambia, where youth are issues are prioritized, expenditures are well calculated and are base on Result driven.

Sir, I had confirmed from various Youth and Sports offices in our regions and I found out that they are not even receiving the coupons allocations for their mobility and coordination work, they do not even have a Provisions, No Stationary throughout 2017. The MOYS media have been stuck and stranded with Communication materials and gadgets to enhance their capacity to serve the ministry and activities of youth, as we speak now only two people are staffed.

Sir, what happened to the TOUR you were supposed to undertake to all regional youth and Sports committees/offices, I understood you already kick off in Banjul and all of a sudden all are postponed.

Sir, on what ground is your ministry sponsoring the MOYS summer camp to DAKAR for a week trip? when we have NaYCONF and other national events coming up and we are challenged with FUNDs. why should you spend budgets on such camps when you are NOT able to fuel your coordinators and support NYC and other satellite institutions operation budgets.

Sir, WHAT IS THE MOYS YOUTH AGENDA OR PLAN, its been 6 months in office already? Do you have any? If yes by now we should have known the direction you driving towards.



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