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Hon. Halifa Sallah member for Serrekunda constituency on Wednesday 19 April 2017, moved a motion to differ the Report of Committee of selection on the composition of the Committees and international Parliamentary Delegations of the National Assembly 2017-2022. “The committees are the key elements in parliamentary work, in fact is the working body of the National Assembly, we are dealing with the key institution of the National Assembly without which we would not be able to function” Underscored Hon. Sallah

Mr.  Sallah said what is clearly stipulated on the standing order, section 75, paragraph 6 except as for provided by standing order number 75, every committee shall be constituted so that it is possible to ensure that the balance of parties in Assembly is reflected there in. He Added that the fundamental basis of constituting the committee is precisely provided there. He underscored that “we have seen that their are also 9 standing committees under section 75, looking at this recommendation very quickly, I cannot even see the standing order being catered for”. He suggested that what he is saying is that he would want to move a motion that adjourn this particular discussion to allow the members to truly scrutinize the list intended and then come back to make a decision”.

This motion was seconded by Hon. Ousman Sillah member for Banjul North, who also underscored the need be to giving more time for the Members to go through the proposed recommendations. The Hon. Speaker at that juncture announced to members to decide as to whether the motion will be adjourned or not, later the whole house agreed to adjourn it. The Speaker further noted that the documents were given to the Hon. Members in a short notice so therefore it is important that the Hon. Members are given time to go through the document until Thursday 20 April 2017.

Earlier a motion was moved by the Deputy Speaker Momodou LK Sanneh on report of the Committee of selection on the composition of the Committees and international parliamentary delegations of the National Assembly 2017-2022
The suggested list of people in the committee was Hon. Momodou Lk Sanneh, Hon. Kebba K Barrow majority Leader, Hon. Samba Jallow minority Leader, Hon. Muhammed Magassey member, Hon. Fatou Njie member. Majority leader nominated 3 members, and Hon. Minority leader nominated 2. Hon. Alhagie Sankung Jammeh , Hon. This motion was Seconded by Hon. Fatoummatta Jawara member for Tallingding.

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