Mathew Jallow Exposes The Fool Edu Gomez As Far Back As 2014


By Gainako Team

Quotes from an article on the leech; Edu Gomez

 “But don’t tell that to The Gambia’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Edward Gomez, a man who in his disdainful arrogance struggles to project a veneer of sanctimony in his ubiquitous denials of the murders, summary executions, forced disappearances, tortures, detention without trials and endemic corruption committed by Yahya Jammeh’s regime. Minister Gomez’s denial of the self-evident and his propensity for confrontational diatribes and hostility towards the media has become the hallmark of his tenure as the chief law-enforcement officer of the land. His frequent castigations and most recent threats of criminal prosecution of Gambia’s Diaspora media practitioners, has reached a level of dissonance that is inimical to the promise of accommodation the minister was only recently espousing.

But now, to say that the minister’s querulous tone has put the Gambian media on edge as evidenced by the outrage and indignation so clearly articulated in the media, is an understatement. There is some degree of concern about the irresponsible statements made by the minister, but the media remains unfazed and dismissive of threats by a political prostitute and economic leach such as Minister Gomez; whose claim to fame is his legendary financial scamming schemes and coercion of his legal practice clients. Minister Gomez may as well save his breath, because he will never succeed in is his effort to silence the media; instead, his unprofessionalism and thuggish threat will only have the effect  of disturbing the hornet’s nest, and in the process put a target on his back.”

Well be your own Judge. This rogue Jurist, inept and most corrupt lawyer is the person attempting to hijack the will of the Gambian people. If Edu Gomez can vehemently say that there were no human rights abuses in The Gambia, this Man can eat shit and call it Peanut Butter. He is the worst Jurist ever in Gambia. Gainako will unmask Edu Gomez and tell the world how he stayed in a studio hotel room in Mali together with his daughter and everything that went down with Babanding Sissoko. We have also been supplied with a dossier on how he stole from one Mr. Gabriel George, now deceased. Our revelations,  will includ Edu Gomez’s letter to the British Authorities requesting that his daughter, Georgeanna Gomez who is currently serving a jail term in England, to be granted asylum upon completion of her sentence because in his own words, “The Dictator, Yahya Jammeh will put her in Jail again or disappearance;” a common occurrence with those who run afoul with the Dictator if she returns to The Gambia.” This is the Man that today is cow towing behind Yahya Jammeh as an accomplice to treason.



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