Lamin Dibba & Co in Need of Urgent Medical Attention


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The children and family members of Lamin Ndanbung Dibba have expressed grave concerns on the well-being of their father who “needs urgent medical treatment”. Lamin Dibba was one of peaceful protesters arrested on the 16th of April with Ousainou Darboe and members of the United Democratic Party (UDP). The family also mentioned that their father has been refused food to break fast “ndogu” on 30th June 2016 and nobody has been allowed to see them. Mindful that the country is observing the holy month of Ramadan, this is not only a breach of the constitution but very unethical and contrary to religious and traditional norms.

Below is a statement forwarded to Gainako by one of the concerned family members.

“My heart is heavy!! Reports reaching me are that my father Lamin Ndanbung Dibba is gradually losing sight in one of his eyes. He sustained a ‘hit’ close to one of his eyes by members of the Gambia Police Intervention Unit during the peaceful protests of April 16th in the Gambia. He and his arrested colleagues are all elderly citizens that have various medical conditions needing the attention of specialists.

My understanding is that for the past 74 days and counting that they have been imprisoned, they were only attended to by a Medical Doctor once. Their medical needs are not being adequately addressed and they are refused transportation to the Hospital or visit by a bonafide medical doctor for proper medical treatment. The medical practitioner at the Mile II prisons where they are being held only prescribes medication at their (my father, his colleague) request and then the family members fill these prescriptions for them. This is a travesty in itself.

My dad needs to see an eye specialist URGENTLY before he loses complete sight in one of his eyes. So does the rest of his colleagues including female members who are in dire/critical medical conditions requiring the attention of specialists. So far the Gambia APRC Government under the leadership of Yahya Jammeh has vehemently denied them access to urgently needed medical help. I am concerned for their well-being. The Director of Prisons, Justice O Dada and the entire Judiciary, The Minister of Justice and the Minister of Interior are all collectively responsible for their safety and well being while there being imprisoned. We will hold you accountable for anything that happens to them.

They are not asking for any special treatment or privilege, all they request is their due rights. I therefore ask the authorities in charge to do their damn job that they are being paid for.

We are monitoring the conditions in the Gambia carefully, noting all the atrocities and injustices. Justice delayed is Justice denied.  Gambia is a small country and we know each other. Justice will prevail either in this lifetime or the next. At the end of the day, just remember that we are all capable of the treatments you’re according our parents.”

Lamin Ndanbung Dibba

On June 26th one of the children could only post a Happy Birthday note on social media for their father who has been kept from them since April 16th.

“Happy Birthday. Lamin Dibba, my hero, my ‘Papa’.

As you mark this day languishing in the Mile II prison as a prisoner of conscience, a freedom fighter, a patriot and as a father who can longer accept the status quo in the Gambia, we are proud of you and wishing you a happy birthday.

We will continue praying for your strength, good health and safe release. You’re quite an inspiration. Until we meet/talk again, Happy Birthday Dad.”


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