IEC Clears the Air on GDC Bactchilly Split


The Independent Electoral Commission has made clarifications as to when it was contacted by both Musa Batchilly, with his resignation letter from the Gambia Democratic Congress GDC and the party’s official letter informing the IEC of the expulsion of Mr Batchilly.

The GDC announced late June that it has expelled Mr Batchilly but the former senior official fired back to say he had indeed resigned and that he was never expelled, leading to widespread speculation as to which one came first.

A letter from the IEC dated July 3 acknowledging Mr Batchilly’s letter of May 13 informing the commission of his resignation from the GDC was circulated online all these days supposedly supporting Mr Batchilly’s claim that he had resigned well before GDC announced his expulsion. Read Full Story here 



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