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We have come a long way since we defenestrated the former president and installed a democratic president. Slowly but surely, we are changing the status quo. What needs to be done though is a lot. There were many things that went wrong during the past twenty-two years or so. It can thus be understood that it will be gradual and will take time.

One of the areas that need our urgent attention is the economy. It is becoming more manifest with every passing day that the economy was completely broken and that we were almost bankrupt. With the revelations coming out from the Janneh Commission, we see that many in the former regime played with our economy and treated the country as their personal property with which they could do what they pleased.

Thus, when we came together to effect change, it was also to inject financial discipline in the civil service. This demands that we do away with extravagance. It is clear that the way some things were being done was just not disciplined as most cared not for the welfare of ordinary folks and thought that they could waste our resources without any consequences.

As such, when your government decided to cut the budget for this year and reduce the allocations, it was understood that this step was absolutely necessary. Then we saw the many travels and the manner in which they were being financed did not match with the idea of austerity measure. Your decision to ban permanent secretaries and directors from traveling first class is a great decision. Perhaps this should even extend to the ministers. Other than where there is an absolute need due to security reasons, everyone should travel economic class. This can save us a lot of money which we certainly need.

Let us all remember that government exists simply as a means to allow the citizens to live, love, create and prosper. So let the officials know that they are a means to an ideal – the prosperity of each and every citizen. As such, let them travel economic class in order to save the citizens enough money to do that! 

Have a Good Day Mr President…. 

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