Hello Mr. President.. The Savage Killings…


According to The Standard Newspaper issue of yesterday, Tuesday, 17th October, 2017, a man was found murdered at the Indian Garden in Nema Kunku. The manner in which this man was murdered, according to the police report, is so gruesome that one shivers just thinking about it.

It is reported that his body was covered in blood and that his hands and legs were tied together. How savage! That is killing in the coldest manner and with such sadist behavior that one would have thought impossible in our once ‘peaceful Gambia’. Where is the smile that we were known for?

Of recent, there have been a series of reported killings around the country. Many citizens now feel unsafe in their own country. In addition to the killings, there have also been reports of armed robberies and attacks on civilians seizing their properties.

A few days ago, while I was returning from the mosque, I witnessed a soldier driving a car and hitting a young man on a motorcycle. The young man fell down but luckily was not hurt badly. He got up and started complaining but the soldier behaved as if he was above the law. He arrogantly gave the young man the rough edge of his tongue and drove off. This broke my heart. It reminded me of the days when soldiers did as they pleased and as the Wolof will say ‘Tiga du toj’ (even a groundnut shell won’t be broken).

Mr President, there is a serious problem of internal security in the country. The police are working hard but with their limited resources there is only so much they can do. The minister of the Interior should take serious look into these issues and come up with plans to resolve them. Security is a sine qua non for development.

Have a Good Day Mr President….

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