Hello Mr. President: Why the Recycling…?


It is indeed unfathomable to observe that many of the loyalists of the former regime who held high position are still in office. Certainly, not all those who worked for the previous government were/are bad but there are a few whose actions/inactions have stripped them of their moral right to sit in office.

Some of these people have appeared in front of the Commission of Inquiry looking into the financial activities of the former president. They have testified to the fact that they were involved in withdrawing moneies amounting to millions of dalasis – sometimes under what can only be called dubious circumstances.

These people have shown that for the sake of keeping their jobs, they can sell their souls to to the devil – selling our country along with it. Yet, these people are still roaming the corridors of power, manning key positions in your government. Why do we need to recycle when we can have something brand new and pure? Who needs a rag when you can easily afford new clothing, pure and untouched by the filth of manifest greed and myopia?

These people no longer have anything to offer. They have shown that they can’t be trusted, they can’t be relied upon, that anytime personal and the national interest clash, they are ditching the nation and protecting their selfish interest. We can no longer put our hopes on these people. They must allow new hands to take care of the office.

Mr President, you need men and women you can trust, men and women of integrity, men and women who know what is supposed to be done and are not afraid of standing for the truth, no matter what. Do not surround yourself with ‘yes-men’ who cannot see beyond their noses.

We have given you the mandate to run the affairs of the nation. You have the full backing of the Gambian people and there are countless people who are patriotic and qualified enough to run any office. You are not under any obligation to retain anyone. So, choose anyone who has not been touched by the ‘filth’, and appoint him or her to any office.

Have a Good Day Mr President….

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen


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