Hello Mr. President.. Let’s talk about the Elephant in the Room…


Over the past few days, almost everyone in the country has been talking about the fifty-seven vehicles you gave to the National Assembly Members. This is because many see it as morally shady, at best and outright illegal, at worst. There have been many arguments (especially on social media) about it with some quoting the part of the constitution that seeks to say that the president is not a public officer and as such a gift to the president is not illegal.

You see, Mr President, such people are sadly missing the point here. The point is no longer about how you got the vehicles but about your not disclosing the individual. Your Press Secretary Madam Amie Bojang-Sisokho sought to put out the flames of criticism by revealing that the donor is a secret supporter who does not want to be named. This only added fuel to an already burning fire. Your government will do well to reveal the name of the person, officially before it is too late.

We live in a world where almost no secret can remain hidden for long. The rapid advancement in technology has made it next to impossible to hide something for a long time, particularly if it is something that can generate as much interest as these cars have. Sooner or later, some dogged journalist or some other citizen will have proof and reveal it. This will leave your government in a funny situation.

Many governments around the world have learnt the hard way that information is not something you can be stingy about nowadays. You see, there are anarchists, pirates and hackers whose only business is finding out and revealing secrets. When they do that, they leave one carrying the can. So many governments have learnt to do what is referred to as ‘controlling the narrative’ by bringing out the information sooner rather than waiting till later only to do ‘damage control’. Please, do not wait for that.

Have a Good day Mr President…. 

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen


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