Hello Mr. President… The Dissolutions of the National Youth Council….


Youth Minister Henry Gomez

The talk on many people’s lips these days is the dissolution of the National Youth Council. It has been revealed that the minister of Youths and Sports dissolved the council without giving any reasons. Some people are even claiming that it was informed by a rift between the minister and one of the members of the board of the NYC. How true that is, is anybody’s guess; but it certainly raises some questions.

It is reported that one of the members of the Board wrote a post on Facebook criticizing some of the actions of the ministry. He alleged that while the Council lacks even the basic requirements to do their job properly (computers, fuel for transportation etc.), the ministry went ahead to sponsor an international summer camp in Dakar, the capital city of neighbouring Senegal. This post, it is said, was not received kindly by officials of the ministry leading to a problem between the two.

It is reported that meetings were held between the two in order to iron out any differences but that could not solve the problem and as such the ministry ended up taking the drastic measure of dissolving the council. This has caused a lot of brouhaha in the country of late considering that the youths played a pivotal role in the defenestration of former president Yahya Jammeh and voting the Coalition government into office.

Mr President, while the minister may or may not have a reason to dissolve the Council, what appears worrying is the fact that the minister took a unilateral decision to dissolve it whereas the laws of the land say that only you, the President, have the prerogative to do that. This is indeed a serious matter, not only because it has to do with the youth (the backbone of the nation) but also what appears as usurping of powers by the minister that are not his.

Your government will do well to remember the crucial role the youth played in the campaign to put you into office. Your Coalition government promised to make youth empowerment a top priority if elected into office. Well, the youth have fulfilled their part of the bargain by electing you; now, it’s your turn to fulfil yours. Empower the youth for national development!

Have a Good Day Mr President….

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen


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