By Pata PJ

Last night and this morning, a soldier friend of mine has been blowing up my phone, frantic and concerned about a visit by Senior Commanders of the Army to the battalions. He said General Saul Badgie who is the commander of the Republican Guards was at GNG Battalion (Fajara Barracks) with a handful of his men. In a meeting with them, he threatened that they “are aware of men, but especially few OFFICERS who have either switched loyalties to the President-elect or at least sympathized. “We have a list of all these men and women. We’re giving you up to the 16th to declare where your loyalty truly lies or you’ll see what will happen cos it’ll be over our dead bodies that Barrow get inaugurated on January 19” said General Saul Badgie.

After General Badgie left, the Security Council or Service Chiefs came to remind, reassure them that the elections issue is at the Supreme Courts and all Gambians should let the constitution play out. The GNG Battalion commander Ensa #Jesus Tamba furiously retorted: “Well you all heard what our commander General Badgie said and that’s the command we are following. YOU ALL HAVE UNTIL THE 16th.”

Basically, this poor soldier is confirming what one of my Facebook friends reported on this yesterday. These men and officers whose names are listed are expecting the worst – maybe a purge. Yaya Jammeh with the backing of few but senior military command adamant that the President Elect will NOT be sworn in under their watch.

This is a developing story.


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