The Gambia: Samsudeen Sarr and the embarrassing insularity of the Grinch who tried to kill God


By Mathew K Jallow

Apostate, traitor, turncoat, heretic, double-dealer, defector; apt monikers for the profile of a man severely lacking in integrity, but faithless, is perhaps the epitaph that best underpins the character of this achromatic moral oddity. Bending the truth, misrepresenting facts, and trafficking in spectacular lies, with amazing frequency and vigor, have become second nature to this Quisling, who, in a short space of time, has deliberately or inadvertently, done what seemed so impossible only yesterday; turn an entire nation against his skewed and degenerate moral compass. Some derogatively called him Sam Lobster Sarr, and I don’t know why, but I will just call him Sam Sarr, and what I do know is that Mr Sam Sarr, has in a very short space of three years, transformed himself into the Gambia’s Goebbels character; dark, cold and sheeting with misplaced anger and rage. It would seem as though Sam Sarr’s is possessed by a powerful force that feeds off taunting the traumatized people of our country, without regard to the multiple executions, state sanctioned killings, mass incarceration and the prevailing climate of fear, all of which, for far too long, have devastated the mental stability of an entire nation. But, Sam Sarr is a reflection of the intolerable culture of greed and heartlessness, which has permeated every aspect of Gambian society, and in the process, torn apart the social fabric that bound our diverse cultures together into a single homogenized nation of people, who share the same human values. Sam Sarr is only the latest, and certainly, a far less credible voice, to short-circuit the Gambia’s world renowned currency as a peace-loving nation and citizenry, in support, even if indirectly, of Yahya Jammeh’s indefensible atrocities against the Gambian people. READ FULL ARTICLE


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