Gambia: why ECOWAS intervention is necessary; perhaps even inevitable, as Yahya Jammeh tests the body’s resolve


By Mathew K Jallow

Yahya Jammeh once insulted the African Union. Now he frequently insults the ECOWAS; once, even threatening to unilaterally pull the Gambia out of the West African bloc. Insulting the US and UK are his favorite pastimes. But, recently, the one thing he relishes most is disparaging the EU, once telling the European body to “go to hell.” If Yahya Jammeh views neighboring Senegal as his boogeyman, it is because, to a large degree, he sees President Macky Sall as his kryptonite. Yahya Jammeh can no longer control Guinea-Bissau’s political affairs, order assassinations of political nemeses, exploit the resources of that country, causing that country’s decade of political unrest, due of President Sall.  On the surface, his acts of lunacy may not seem much, but put together, they tell a story of his consistent exposure of a touch of insanity, and a tinge of reptilian insensitivity. Yahya Jammeh  displays a disturbing pattern of behavior that is borderline megalomaniac in nature and cowardly in disposition. As bad his actions are, they don’t exemplify the worst of Yahya Jammeh’s display of pure political madness. That has to be the six instances of executions;, ranging from as few as six innocent military officers, to as many as forty-four Ghanaian nationals captured in the high seas, travelling to the Canary Islands as illegal immigrants. Since 1994, the political killings have exceeded several hundred, as Gambians have lost count, but this does not include the hundred who died in prisons, the thousands who fled to Senegal, West Africa, UK and across Europe, USA, and the dozens who have disappeared after their arrests by the National Intelligence Agency officers, since 1995, Read Full Article 


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