Exclusive Interview with Fatou Jaw Manneh –U.S African Summit.




africansummit By Yero Jallow, Gainako’s Staff writer.

In exclusive interview with Gainako, Fatou Jaw Manneh talks about the U.S African Summit, Gambia’s struggle and her take on some of the political issues at hand. Find below we reproduce the whole interview as conducted by Gainako’s Staff writer, Yero Jallow.

Gainako: I know you and I are inseparable colleagues in the struggle, for many that know you, you are the true heroine of Gambia’s struggle, a dearest sister and mentor I have in you. Would you like me to address you Fatou, Sister Jaw, or just Kabou-Nyancho?

Fatou: Oh Dalton. Thanks. Sister Fatou is fine. You are a true and genuine friend in the struggle, a straight shooter, a brother, mentor and English teacher. I remember the way you handled at some of our customers at a company we used to work for: “No Sir, you cannot find a better person who can speak English better than I do. Can we proceed? How Can I help you?” I enjoyed that stint working ethics.

Gainako: Sister Jaw, you were recently in DC to confront Gambia’s criminal ruler, Yaya AJJ Jammeh who was in attendance at the African Summit organized by the U.S Government. Please share with me what was the main reason for your presence in Washington DC.

Fatou. Dalton, As usual to protest our outrage over Yaya Jammeh’s complete disregard for peace, freedom and prosperity in the Gambia. He has no respect for the rule of law. We have all these murders still packed under the carpet, people missing, mass graves, rampant corruption, destroying every fabric of our society, moral and economic. To show our complete outrage at how he is governing this little beautiful country called Gambia. To remind him contrary to all that threats and lies that he hauls at Gambian citizens on a daily basis, that NO, he does not own Gambia. He is just a self-centered and misguided young man who we trusted and not knocked off the political stage until it is too late.

Gainako: Sister Jaw, How did you all confront Yaya Jammeh, walk our readers on what exactly happened in Washington DC at the USA AFRICA Summit?

Fatou: In a nutshell, we camped at his hotel entrance and refused to budge. Am sure some DC residents will forgive us for all the noise and upheaval, but what can we do? Civilized presidents were serenaded throughout the city by their citizens, with town hall meetings like the Senegalese, and also Jacob Zuma of South Africa had a very fruitful luncheon/discussions in downtown DC organized by the National Press Club. Other Presidents and their delegates had press conferences signing up commercial and tourism deals. Unfortunately for us, all we can do anywhere we see our President is haul insults and chase him in town. Gambians citizens abroad are very very upset with this cruel leader we have in Yaya Jammeh. Treat an animal like an animal. He thought if he camped near the White House, we will not be able or dare get there. And surprisingly this punk of a president kept whining to the DC police all day that we were going to harm him. We all went through some serious searches and warnings from the DC police. Imagine, this criminal President who refuses Gambian citizens breathing space, spent the whole day pleading for his life, making sure even with a lot of security around, that he is not harmed, even when the security services made sure no one was carrying a weapon. As if his life is more valuable than that of Gambians he has been killing day in and out.

Gainako: Sister Fatou, so tell us about your personal invitations to the White House. I heard some of you guys had personal invitations to the Whitehouse. Did any of you made it there.

Fatou: Laughter. You are pulling our legs right??No Dalton, None of us made it to the Whitehouse. We were busy shouting at our dictator. The honest truth was that no one was personally invited to the White House. Not even Yaya Jammeh. He had to come because he was an African President.  What we had was as Press Card/Pass, that would allow us attend any press conference. WE had our press cards issued to us beforehand. I even picked mine up few days late. We are advised not to publish or distribute the invitations to all these events including the Whitehouse, so I cannot publish here. But even with the Whitehouse invitations, we still need an underlay-special card/clearance from the State department on top of our press cards to allow us to go to the white House. When I went to request mine, they told me I was few days late to pick that up. Which I think was just an excuse, because I met top journalists from Paris and London who did not have that special extra card to attend the Whitehorse dinner. Remember there were more than a 1000 journalists from worldwide, so I think a little privilege was accorded to only few American and international journalists plus few African state journalists covering the event. So a big NO. None of us was at the Whitehorse.

Gainako: How was the Press conference with Obama? Yaya Jammeh and other African heads of states?

Fatou: Noooo. There was no press conference with Obama and his notorious African Heads of states with journalists. Imagine if that happened. These world journalists would have devoured them. Most of these African Heads of States have serious and nasty records, so journalists would not let them get away with anything if there was a press conference. All these Civil and Human Rights Orgs am sure made it known to Obama that most of these heads of states should not be brought to the White House. All we had with these African Presidents with Obama was a quick 10 minute photo-shoot. Actually journalists dub it the Photo summit. None could reach them with questions. Obama came in with them at the State Department, lined them up and cameras clicked for a good 5/10 minutes, then they all lined back out. That was when I saw our chief idiot and took his pic. But there was no PRESS conference. None whatsoever, just a mere photo- op. I guess Clinton had AGOA for Africa, Bush the AIDS awareness, so I guess Obama wants to polish his legacy about Africa with this Photo summit.

Gainako: What crossed your mind when Yaya Jammeh passed you by??

Fatou: I swear! Let me laugh. Well ask all the journalists in that room what crossed our minds when we saw them lined up leaving the room. My corner was like security packed. But of course Yaya Jammeh quickly looked at me and I gave him a quick “you bastarass” look in a second before he had his face down. Oh God give me some magic so I can disappear with few of these African leaders in the room. Laughter. Yes, Yaya Jammeh among them. Blood was at boiling point…… Any glimpse of this Guy throws me into a serious emotional moment. So many sad stories, memories about our country. Imposed on us by just one idiot holding hostage a whole country.

Gainako: Did you meet any of the presidents from mother Africa at the summit. Did any impress you at all?

Fatou: Yes, Zuma of South Africa surprised me. I happen to be at the National Press Club the same time he was there. They had a luncheon for him. I think they have that relationship with South Africa. He is not an intellectual or eloquent person but very intelligent and he sounds like he knows exactly what South Africa is all about. And guess what that tells of South Africa. If their President can give a speech at The National Press Club. House of journalists! He made it clear that South Africa is an open society and democracy and investors can come and operate their businesses without hindrance from government. His wife is extremely down-to-earth. Ibrahim Keita from Mali too, was extremely cool. He was at CSIS center speaking to security experts about security matters in the Mali region.

Stumbled upon some pamphlets from their state journalists, guess who? Paul Biya of Cameroon had a little booklet with his picture and Obama, lining up all the good things he did for Cameroon. Yaya Jammeh’s folks too distributing this long speech, and none of us could tell where in Washington that speech was delivered. Obama has wronged us in many ways he did not even understand. Can you imagine?

Gainako: Sister Jaw, your resounding echo of redemption, liberation, and freedom was heard on Gainako. What message were you trying to pass to Gambians?

Fatou: That fear is over. Jammeh must go! Catch Jammeh!!

Gainako: What is wrong with these African presidents? Nigeria?

Fatou: Imagine Nigeria. Goodluck Jonathan cannot save the 250 girls from Boko Haram. Such a big nation like Nigeria, complaining that the government does not have the necessary tools to fight Boko Haram. Am sure they are waiting for the USA for help, when a single senator in Nigeria can feed all of Gambia to eternity. Corrupt souls. A very useless President, that Jonathan Goodluck. Nigeria continues to be a shame for Africa, and a useless big brother in West Africa.

Gainako: And now Ebola???

Fatou: God help us all. Ebola is terrible. We cannot even control malaria so you guess what this Ebola will do to us all. It will be painful for Africa.

And please we should all call our folks in the villages, for all precautions and education on Ebola. It is Scary. Let’s continue on the serious campaign.

Gainako: Our sister Paper, Maafanta too has come a long way with long standing integrity, no censorship, and continually consistent. Tell us a little bit about the paper.

Fatou. Maafanta is coming along fine. We are more of an opinion paper than news. I do not encourage or carry a lot of news items that we do not have resources to cover, confirm and follow-up. Most of the contribution and help are from volunteering and you know what that means in America – people are very very busy with little or less time at hand to spare.

Gainako: Sister Jaw, your interview, “dame of the flaming Pen,” a touching piece that saw you being persecuted in the Gambia. Tell our readers a little bit about this piece. Upon reflection, do you have any regrets?

Fatou: I have no regrets over penning down anything on Yaya Jammeh, his enablers and his criminal regime. All my concerns and articles are still as relevant as it is, when it was written and for what it was written for. The “Dame of the Flaming piece” actually was  an interview I had with the closed Independent newspaper years ago that got me arrested in Banjul in 2007. Fatou Jaw-Manneh Dame of the “Flaming Pen” ( http://gainako.com/?p=6266 )

Gainako: You have been involved in getting people sign up for petitions lately and also some fund-raisings for one Barry who needed medical attention. Tell us a little bit about that.

Fatou. The petition is more of an added awareness tool. We cannot stop anyone from inviting President Jammeh to the US. Obama down to the street seller, but we can continue the awareness campaign against his brutality. Understand most Gambians are here because they have a brutal dictator at home who knows nothing but terror and is overseeing a collapsed economy. The Barry and other fundraising events were just on humanitarian grounds. We do it once in a while when we see some requests for help online. Babou Sallah, Momodou Krubally, You, Pa Suso, Myself and Haddy Mbow, Abdou-Dra Touray and Hassan Touray, and Batch Ndow, Texas….if I remember right.

Gainako: We have a lot of Diaspora organizations. What is your take?

Fatou. It is scary. I am an STGDP alumni and have my share of endless meetings, fundraisings and checking on proposals. It is funny, the same people mostly in all these organizations. I am not sure whether signing up more organizations will in any way help oust Yaya. I don’t know why the need, but it is okay as long as some form of unity can be forged amongst them. I am active in none and shall remain that way for now inshaalah. We shall find a way inshallah.

Gainako: How is CORDEG coming up? People are not the least enthusiastic about our very Good friend Dr. Saines CORDEG. Why or what happened? Especially the whole leadership part.

Fatou: Really I don’t know how the leadership nominations for CORDEG came about. What DR. Saine needs to do is rearrange the leadership structure of CORDEG and bring in more people, if that will help give the organization a broader support, but at the same I think that will make it unmanageable. My shock is that no one from GDAG was even given an honorary membership in CORDEG Leadership. They are a huge and organized group and on most part hosted this once promising Rally Conference. GDAG is a big organization with very active and serious members, Alkali Conteh, Gassama, Sowe and Lamin Tunkara. How these people did not even score honorary membership in CORDEG baffles and embarrassed me till now to say the least. Even the educated and down-to-earth Jainaba Bah took to her heels. That did not say well of CORDEG at all.

Gainako: Are you interested in being a member of CORDEG.

Fatou: Oh Noo No No. I am perfectly happy as a side cheerleader. We can be the distributors and promoters of whatever was coming out of CORDEG, fundraising among other things if things were done right. No. I am fine as I am.

Gainako: How should the problem be fixed?

Fatou: Dalton we do not need a bloated Diaspora organization that can be mistaken for a government in waiting. You understand Gambians with ” Pala so” (positions). Two things: Dr. Saine has to listen and incorporate more people into the leadership of CORDEG, or we let CORDEG disappear and forge a simple advisory, formal diaspora committee. Dr. Saine, Alkali Conteh, BB Darboe, Sidat Jobe, Sidi Sanneh,  and some women, and get the ball rolling. CORDEG cannot be blocking traffic either. Either it shapes up or get dismantled ASAP! I conveyed my concerns to Dr. Saine. He will not say some friends did not advise him.

Gainako: What in your thoughts would make a respectable Diaspora Organization or structure? One that will have a broader appeal? How do we get there?

Fatou: Dalton, That is easy as ABC. Creating a representative diaspora org that looks like a government will not help. It will be bloated and thus make it bureaucratic and difficult to operate. If increasing the size will garner a broader appeal, (as people are demanding, which I think will make it even more unmanageable) then that is fine, but if not, CORDEG should be dismantled, each organization stay on your own. A 10 or 15 member committee can be chosen out of all these organizations. Each org put up one person. Remember that most of these organizations are just a one or 3 member group. I conveyed my concerns to Dr. Saine. No idea if he is working on it or not.

Gainako: You and Uncle Mathew Jallow had it going on facebook regarding DR. Saine’s leadership and CORDEG. Mathew is good at suggesting and creating and backing organizations. Remember CCG with Dr. Amadou Janneh. Remember when CCG came out? Now ,You are defending Dr. Saine to the teeth. I remember you had your reservations about Dr. Amadou Janneh’s CCG. Why now cling on CORDEG, when it is almost common knowledge that CORDEG is not moving anywhere?? How about Dr. Sidat Jobe of GCC and BB Darboe?

Fatou. Yero, First of all, Mathew K. Jallow is the one person I have utmost respect for in this whole struggle and against the Gambia dictatorship. Mathew Jallow is a national treasure. He has done his part and contribution to the Gambia. His integrity is already sealed and intact. Just how you and I admire the contribution of Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, and most of the American founding fathers in the history of the American Revolution, is how Gambians, generations to come would benefit from the foresight of Mathew Jallow in Gambian affairs. He will probably be the most read and referenced scholar in generations to come. Remember, Mathew’s pen has been there from the start, for everyone, from the arrested Alkalo in Koina to the tortured soldier or civil servant at mile two. When Jammeh commits a heinous crime in the Gambia, the first consolation that will help us ease the pain is Mathew Jallow’s pen the next morning. Since Jawara’s time.

When CCG came about, I cautioned him and few friends about CCG. I think it is a sham/scam. God bless Amadou Janneh. I have known him all my adult life and have nothing against him. But had never trusted him since he deserted the struggle for the Yaya Jammeh APRC government. He was one of the most promising and outspoken folks against Yaya Jammeh in this struggle. A very affable, kind, easy going intellectual. Then all of a sudden I heard him working for Jammeh. Before I know it, they shot DEYDA HYDARA whilst he was Minister of Information. I am sure he played no part in it at all, but he could have shown his outrage, by dumping that position. But he came on air defending the government. I do not forgive easily because I trust and protect friends 100%. Especially in a fight against a brutal dictator like Yaya Jammeh. And I expect the same from them. He got fired after maybe less than a year, then all of a sudden Coalition for Change, CCG blah blah. I became suspicious. I can be very wrong but I have no respect for people who regard this struggle as a game of “where is the party at”, thing. Flip flopping between Yaya Jmmeh and the struggle. It brings confusion and discord among a loosely but strong and unified force. That has now disintegrated in thin air. This war against Jammeh is not a joke and should not be taken as a joke or as a game. We have to be sophisticated than this. Many Gambians have lost their loved ones to Yaya Jammeh. The Gambia is bleeding. The more serious we take it that way, the quicker God will help us undo Yaya Jammeh.

And Dalton, I have no control over anyone joining or deserting the struggle or Yaya Jammeh. That is their choice.  But I have my goddam choice too of whether I should quickly embrace them or not. That prerogative should be mine. That pace should be mine. They can call for forgiveness, love with open arms blah blah. We have been bitten and betrayed not once or twice by people who should know better. Anyone can take the struggle and run with it. But the pace of embracing back anyone is my decision solely. Everyone at a given moment has a choice to make.  I cannot force or stop anyone not to work for Jammeh, No one can force me either to catch you in the air after you are thrown out for you own selfish reasons. Dr. Janneh and I are warming up to each other and hopefully we shall be on the same pace in this struggle. At my pace though. We all make mistakes. And he is now doing a heck of a job. I salute him. He is doing a heck of a job in exposing Yaya Jammeh. Good luck to him.

For Dr. Saine, I am not blindly defending him. Dalton, we are not kids anymore. Naivety should be behind us now in this struggle. Name me one Gambian PHD holder in this Wild Wild West who you will see jumping allover from DC to London denouncing Yaya Jammeh?? I am shocked that we should even compare him to the likes of Dr. Sidat Jobe, BB Darboe and who else?? He is not the least educated than Sidat Jobe and BB Darboe, all very good Gambian citizens. Capable Civil servants who have done their part in the development of our country -Gambia, way before you and I ever know our left hand from our right hand. I have nothing but respect for them all. Mathew I think goes too fast for himself sometimes. And what irritates me most is that, Mathew can lead any organization, but you know he is not a kind of a guy who cares about positions. But his choice of leaders will make you-wanna-bang-your-head-on-the-wall. He has a serious PHD, UNESCO, colorful title complex. Those titles and powers are not transferable here. We are all refugees. He can franchise this struggle to them in a blink of an eye. That is when you see uncle and niece clawing each other. No worries though. It is a genuine fight. I am self-appointed gate keeper of the West Wing of the struggle called: The No Enabler Unit. Laughter. Just kidding. Just Kidding. Just kidding.

But jokes aside Dalton, come on. Dr Saine has never served neither Jawara nor Jammeh. If not for Jammeh’s atrocities against Gambians, he will be at his quiet corner. A quiet professor till his death. He has plenty of options, and privileges accorded him in the west that could have made him not bother about anything Gambian. I am sure Jammeh did not kill any of his family members. But when we have a president reign/raining terror on citizens, Dr. Saine wears his Kente cloth and follows us all over. So all these educated, experienced and doctors with big titles, should allow him to pass. He is no more educated than they are. He is just credible, reliable, trustworthy, and sincere and has been there when all hope was lost. He has been very instrumental behind the scenes. He was a founding member of STGDP. He has been there when Gambian citizens needed his voice and he foot soldiered on not when his pocket or situations favored him. That speaks volumes of him. A rare quality in a Gambian especially an educated one. We have noticed our intellectuals. They never offended anyone, but they signed up and made promoting Yaya Jammeh their agenda or gave it all a blind eye to all the brutalities of Jammeh government. As long as their jobs are safe, Jammeh is the best and life goes on. Dr. Saine has sacrificed a lot for the country. The least we can do for him is make him leader of the diaspora organization. He should still lead any Diaspora Committee. That does not make him a perfect leader and I think he should wiggle and do something about CORDEG, before it is too late for him.

Gainako: How should the problem be fixed?

Fatou: Dalton we do not need a bloated Diaspora organization that can be mistaken for a government in waiting. You understand Gambians with ” Pala so” (positions). Two things: Dr. Saine has to listen and incorporate more people into the leadership of CORDEG, or we let CORDEG disappear and forge a simple advisory, formal diaspora committee. Dr. Saine, Alkali Conteh, BB Darboe, Sidat Jobe, Sidi Sanneh,Mathew Jallow, Ousainou Mbenga  and some women, and get the ball rolling. CORDEG cannot be blocking traffic either. Either it shapes up or get dismantled ASAP! I conveyed my concerns to Dr. Saine. He will not say some friends did not advise him.

Gainako: You went ballistic on facebook about enabler Pa Bojang remarks. Why?? What did he say that made you so upset?? Fatou can’t they join us??

Fatou: Dalton, Not a single day have I clicked on any enabler story or revelations, Pa Bojang or any other enabler. I have no clue what Pa Bojang or any other enabler said. I see captions flying over the internet as if Jammeh was captured. I never ever clicked on anything to know what they are talking about. I do not have to. I know Jammeh very well and what he is capable of, but that is not making me blind to the life of these colorful leeches. Coming to reveal or educate or preach to us about what and who?? Jammeh?? After they are sacked?? I have better things to read. I have no hatred for no enabler. We are all at some point enablers. WE let one brutal idiot destroy our country. What does that say about us all? But those who massage his ego, shake their behinds before him, for almost a decade, cling and line up for his jobs even when their lives were in danger, are the people we should watch out for. If they can risk their lives to get these positions, titles, and little black cars, can you imagine these kind of people in a fight against a dictatorship. They are just opportunists, and please not all of them now. All of us in the beginning, so many people were caught up in the Yaya Jammeh whirlwind. He looked and spoke right then. Told us all we wanted to hear. What is happening now? I could have easily worked for Jammeh then. Who knew then that he is going to turn against us all? He betrayed all those who cheered him on and gave him space to prove himself. When they invited a friend of mine to join them, He told me of the offer and I encouraged him to go and work for the government. These were my words to him.  “”You have your degree, you are young, energetic and active in everything Gambian. Go and work with them, they are soldiers though. If you suspect it is not going to work out. Dump them and move on”. But usually they all get caught up and cannot let go after the titles, travel and small black cars. We should embrace these kind of people with caution.

Don’t blanket my comments, some of the best minds in this struggle at this moment were onetime Jammeh appointees. They all had very short stints in his government. They are not enablers in the real sense of the word. They are contributing the best in this struggle. Extraordinary minds and capabilities. Extra Ordinary minds ; Sidi Sanneh, Essa Sey, Dr.Amadou Janneh , BB Darboe, and am sure many others. These are not leeches who spent over 10 years crawling and begging and promoting Yaya Jammeh. Don’t listen to hypocrites trying to twist my logic here. I am not anti-anyone and I do not own the struggle. I have exhausted this enabler topic on Facebook already and here is an excerpt and I stand by it.

“These loudmouths think they can outdo the past just with a wink wink. They are all liars. Where were they all these years when Jammeh was committing all these crimes? They were all sitting tight on their jobs and positions. Jammeh was okay until they get fired from their jobs. We know Jammeh. A brutal and cruel human being through and through. I need no revelations or preaching or education on that. They will tell you Jammeh killed and hacked some limbs and buried some alive. They will never tell you that they ferried those bodies for mass burials. They will never tell you that they have amassed /annexed or are now occupying the houses of one of the victims that Jammeh killed. These enablers will never tell you that they have been hiding at the AU villas, air conditioning and electricity blasting 24/7 whilst the average Gambian cannot store fish for an hour. These enablers will not tell you that by being close to Jammeh, they used that power to throw people off their lands, lock up people they despise, force people to contribute to their never ending Jammeh foundation galas and all the nonsense and waste surrounding it. They will never tell you that they have mobilized thousands of hopeless youths to the APRC endless festivals, creating a pool of brainwashed young Gambians. Where were they when Jammeh killed our uncles and fathers around the country accusing them of being witches? That was the worst of all his crimes, and that is what sealed our collective uselessness against Jammeh. All of us. Where were they when the school children got shot and many crippled?Koro Ceesay was burned down alive. Remember Deyda  Hydara was shot dead too. Omar Barrow too and Chief Manneh is still missing and his old father still sobbing. Jammeh government is brutal and dangerous. But all these frightening events never shook these enablers out of their positions and coverup for Jammeh. These enablers will not tell you that they have slammed many heads along the way. These enablers brought underage girls for Jammeh at his Kaninlai hideouts, they bring musicians and dancers for him, all inflating the ego of this brutal and dangerous President in the name of Yaya Jammeh. You cannot be close to Jammeh unless you are as terrible as he is or have condone all his terror because you are benefitting from it. The personal wars in the APRC cabal gets tough and complicated and then you have some of these people get kicked out of course naturally. And then all of a sudden it is redemption with complete arrogance. Like a rattle snake they shed the old skin and are now brand new young activists playing on the Gambians obsession with gossip. All they will tell you that Jammeh slept with someone’s wife. And we know that. That is no news. I can go on and on. No one will pull wool over my head. Welcome to the struggle, I say to all of them. Now they can look into the lenses of a Gambians in exile and try to feel and understand why we wake up angry most of the time. We, their loud mouths and nyakka barrkehh. When these enablers were at the helm, remember we are the losers, loud mouths and unpatriotic citizens. Please if these folks are thrown out by Jammeh, please accord me that freedom and prerogative whether to catch them back with open hands. Why do you think Jammeh treat Gambians this nasty?? Partly he knows most of them are criminals and opportunists just like him. Imagine how he recycles and maltreats them only to be knocking and crawling back to him, and they will take anyone along/down to get these jobs. Just watch your back. These are the very people making our job difficult here as we wait for batch upon batch upon batch to be recycled by Yaya Jammeh. And please save me the new Jammeh awareness campaign. The guy is bad through and through, we knew it long time ago when these opportunists were clapping for him. If it continues Jammeh will be there forever I don’t care how loud we scream our lungs out. We have to take this fight to a very sophisticated level. Gambians are all about forgiveness, kindness and are compassionate but nothing can be done will all these opportunists running all over. It is tough and we should speak the truth. We cannot outdo our past with arrogance and fanfare especially when you were hands in a glove with a brutal system killing your friends and neighbors. But I guess in the Gambia everything runs in the reverse.”

Gainako: So where is the struggle?

Fatou: Honestly I don’t know. I guess each can carry your piece of the struggle. Each can do what you can. Good luck to us all.

Gainako: I read somewhere that the Ousainou Darboe is bracing up for 2016 elections. What do you think of the coming elections??

Fatou: God help us. They are the only ones we have on the ground. The Gambian opposition .Let us give them all the moral and financial support we can. But Gambian opposition is not easy to deal with either. They too are very fragmented. Let’s pray that Jammeh is out before 2016.

Gainako: Are you a grandma Fatou?

Fatou: Laughter. You would have known Dalton. Nope. Not yet. But when it comes, I will wear the grandma title/tiara with pride .My two boys are doing fine alhamdullilah. Going to school. Hahaha. Love the title. Grandma naatalleh! Waayo waye. Grandma naatalleh waayo waye.

Gainako: On behalf of Demba Baldeh, our many readers, contributors, and my self, we thank you for granting us the interview. What are your last words Sister Jaw?

Fatou. Thanks Dalton. Jammeh must Go!!


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